7 Wedding Tasks You Can Complete From Home

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COVID-19 has put a monumental toll on the wedding industry, much like other industries. As a result, all of the late summer and winter wedding planning has come to a halt. 

Well, sure, staying inside is the only sanest thing we can do right now, but this doesn’t mean that wedding planning has to take a back seat.

Do you plan on hosting a wedding as soon as this pandemic ends? Well, don’t fret. We are here to help.

Don’t let coronavirus force you to surrender your productivity, rather sit at home and plan the most epic wedding party. 

No matter the number of tasks on the wedding to-do lists, you can do a few of them from home. 

Create A Dream Board

You have probably done this a million times in your life. But it’s different this time.

Since you have decided on getting married, creating a dream wedding board is a much serious affair. So, prep up as soon as possible.

Take inspiration from Pinterest and put up pictures of what exactly you want on your wedding day. From decorations to your wedding dress, make sure to include every aspect.

Update Your Shopping List 

Now that you have mastered a lot of skills during quarantine, we are sure you have realized the dire need for some things that you don’t have. 

Be it a food processor for the kitchen or study table for your bedroom, add all the things to your list so that you can order them once this pandemic is over or the situation improves.

Join Online Dance Lessons With Your Partner

We know that the anticipation for the big day is killing you, and you cannot wait to take wedding dance lessons, but did you know you could do that online?

Yes, you read that right! Whether or not you are quarantining with your partner, you can make the most of the time you have by enrolling in a virtual dance class. This will not only get your mind off the current situation but also get you two closer.

Search the web for online dance lessons, and ask the entire family to prepare their part.

Create Your Playlist

Since we are already talking about dance, let’s move on to the wedding reception playlist. 

Brainstorming and deciding the wedding playlist is a tiring and lengthy process, so why not get started on that task right now?

Talk to your family, friends, partner, and make a list of music genres they prefer. Accordingly, mix and match different music styles and curate a list of songs. 

Additionally, don’t forget to make a “Don’t play playlist.” You don’t want to annoy anyone at the event.

Book The Services Of An Entertainment Company

Search the web for the best entertainment company in your area and book their services.

Even if setting the final date is not possible right now, talk to the experts and discuss your preferences for decorations, photographers, and entertainment for the party

Let them know your pick between DJs and bands for weddings so that they can make the arrangements accordingly and connect you with the best entertainers in town. 

Have A Menu Tasting 

You must be thinking, how can you taste the food and decide the menu at the comfort of your home? Well, with most of the businesses still running safely and efficiently as ever, everything is possible.

Get in touch with the best caterers in your area, discuss your requirements, and ask them to deliver menu options to your address. A lot of them will agree; we are sure of this!

If this is done, you will be able to tick an important task off your list.

Look At Wedding Dresses

While there’s no point and fun shopping for your wedding dress online, you can still look at various designs to get inspiration.

We know how important your dress is for the big day, that’s why we’d suggest you visit various websites and talk to the best designers to digitally design your dream outfit and work on the details you want.

Final Words

Wedding planning can get stressful and overwhelming, even when you have plenty of time in your hands. So, don’t forget to seek help from your partner, friends, and family.

And of course, refer to this checklist for completing some wedding tasks from home.

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