Chronic Back Pain From Sitting At A Desk? Here’s How You Cure It!

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As someone who has spent a lot of time working at a desk, I fully sympathize with all of you. I’ve felt the nagging pain and stiffness that never seems to go away. Thankfully, I was able to get rid of my back pain – or at least make it appear far less often. So, I decided to compose a list of tips that will help you manage your chronic back pain. 

For reference, I’m talking about one main type of pain. You have a nagging ache in your mid-back, right between your shoulder blades. It almost feels like your spine is stiff, and you get so much tension building up. You roll your shoulders all the time, but nothing helps. To see some relief, try these things:

Release the tension

Firstly, work on releasing all the tension that’s built-up in your upper back. There are many ways to do this, so I’ll leave a few suggestions to try:

  • Cupping – not the most appealing option, but it involves suction cups on your back that basically increase blood flow to the area. This can sometimes include small incisions that help to ‘suck up’ all the bad blood that’s congealed in your muscles. I know it sounds gross, but it could work for you. 
  • Acupuncture – similar to cupping in that it promotes circulation, but it is way less invasive. Can be done at an actual acupuncturist or at home with an acupuncture mat. 
  • Lotions, creams & oils – some topical substances can be used to ease tension in your mid-back. Heat rubs work really well, and there some suggestions that CBD oil benefits the muscles by relaxing them as well. To make this more effective, combine with deep tissue massages. 

Choose any or all of these options and really work on relieving yourself of all tension in this area. 

Mobilize your spine

Your spine can quickly become very stiff from hunching over a desk all day. So, you need to mobilize it! Your mid-back pain is usually caused by issues in the thoracic spine. To solve this, you can do some mobilization exercises which you can see here: 

This should help a lot, but it’s also worth seeing a chiropractor as well. They can reset the spine and get it back into its natural alignment. From here, you’ll have less stiffness while you work. 

Stretch and strengthen your muscles

The final piece of the puzzle is stretching and strengthening your muscles. Your back pain is probably a postural problem, which means your muscles are imbalanced. So, you have to do the following:

  • Stretch your chest muscles and your lats 
  • Strengthen the muscles in your mid and upper back

Effectively, this will pull your shoulders back into their proper position and stop them from rounding forward. In turn, this prevents your upper back from hunching as well. 

Follow these tips and you should see dramatic improvements in your pain. Also, be sure to stand up and stretch as much as possible throughout the day. Keep in mind the idea of good posture – back straight, shoulders back and down! Remind yourself to sit like this while you work to reinforce your posture and prevent the pain from coming back. 

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