Content Creation: How to Make YouTube Videos People Will Love

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Are you trying to get good at content creation? Read this article to learn more about how to make youtube videos people will love.

YouTube is the most popular AVOD (ad-supported video on demand) service in the world. Scratch that. It’s the most popular video service in the world, period!

Millions of hours of video content are streamed on YouTube every day and that appetite for consumption has skyrocketed given current world conditions forcing populations to stay at home.

Consequently, it’s a great time to launch your YouTube career. Before you get started though, you’ll want to take a moment to learn how to make YouTube videos that resonate with audiences.

Below, we share some simple tips worth leveraging that can make your foray into YouTube wonderfully successful.

1. Learn the Basics of Production

You don’t have to be a Hollywood-caliber director to be successful on YouTube. On the contrary, YouTube viewers embrace low-fi and personal media content.

Still, if you intend to share a bunch of low-quality video content that’s hard to follow, you’re going to have a hard time garnering an audience.

To streamline your growth on YouTube, take a moment to understand production basics. Taking in simple bits of learning like how to properly frame a shot or which cameras shoot HD video can make all the difference in your final product.

2. Pay Attention to Sound

When we shoot video, our attention is often given to visuals that sound often falls by the waist side. That’s too bad because the sound is frequently regarded as the most important element of a piece of media.

You’ll find that most camera on-board microphones don’t do a good job of picking up audio, particularly when you’re shooting in adverse conditions.

You can circumvent that microphone shortcoming by purchasing an external microphone that attaches to your camera or smartphone.

3. Be a Student of Your Craft

If you want to be great on YouTube, make it a point to learn everything you can from today’s greats. 

YouTube makes it easy to see which channels are garnering the most attention. Figure out which stars in your content niche are doing the best and study them to see what they do well and where they can improve.

Take those notes and implement them in your videos!

4. Know Your Audience

How well you do on YouTube will be directly connected to how well your videos resonate with audiences. 

Because of that, you’ll want to make sure that every aspect of your content aligns with your audience’s tastes.

If you don’t know who your audience is or what they like, you have some studying to do!

Think hard about who you think your content would resonate most with. Consider what that group looks for in a YouTube video, which YouTube stars they generally flock to and how your content can help make their lives better.

The more time you take to get into the head of whoever your target demographic is, the faster you’ll find success on YouTube.

5. Stick With Short and Sweet to Start

YouTube megastars often post videos that are over 10 minutes which may inspire you to do that same. 

The thing is, getting people to give you that much time on a platform that offers a virtually infinite amount of choices is hard.

The biggest YouTube stars had to build trust with their audience through shorter videos before they could command that kind of attention.

Our advice is to start small by posting videos that are around 3 minutes long. Then, flirt with lengthening your content if you’d like to see what your first fans have a tolerance for.

6. Comply With Copyright Regulations

YouTube has one of the most aggressive copyright identification engines on the planet. That engine scrubs videos across its network constantly and takes down/adversely affects videos that may be using another party’s intellectual property.

All of that to say you should make sure all of the content in your YouTube videos is original. That means not posting clips from other people’s channels or using music that’s not licensed which you can learn more about.

7. Understand YouTube’s Policies

One of the most boring yet important how to make YouTube videos tips we can give you is to carefully scrub through YouTube’s video guidelines before posting.

YouTube has a slew of rules that govern its video content. Some of those rules have to do with copyrighted material while others have to do with how people under the age of 18 are featured/targeted.

The better you understand YouTube’s guidelines, the better you can get at posting content that doesn’t get taken down, is in compliance with the law and can be safely enjoyed by viewers.

8. Ignore Negativity

The how to make YouTube videos learning process is one that requires a constant commitment to learning. During that time, you’ll make mistakes, correct them and get better.

As you improve, you’ll also discover that no matter how good you get at YouTube, there will always be a sect of viewers that want to tear you down. Ignore those people.

Negativity is a constant online. Learn to live with it by shunning it and you’ll have a lot more fun being the best video creator you can be.

Now That You Know How to Make YouTube Videos, Get to Work

Reading posts on how to make YouTube videos pales in comparison to the knowledge you can gain by going out and filming. With that said, carve out some time in the coming days, pick up a camera and start experimenting.

With practice and a dedication to learning, you’ll become a master in no time.

For more advice on all things lifestyle-related, dive deeper into the newest content we have up in our digital publication!

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