Dealing With Back Ache From Sitting At A Desk All Day

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Back pain is too common in modern society. If you sit at a desk all day – which most of us do – then you can easily pick up chronic backache. Typically, this comes from poor posture and muscle imbalances. There are two common types of backache: lower back and middle back. Today, you’re going to see some helpful tips on dealing with your backache at your desk!

Tip 1: Get up and move
The first tip is to stop sitting at your desk all day long. The longer you stay in a seated position, the worse your pain will be. Most of us are guilty of hunching over our keyboards for a good few hours straight. This is bad as your muscles tighten in some areas, particularly hip flexors, chest, shoulders, and lower back. All of this contributes to postural changes that lead to chronic pain. So, get up and move! Set an alarm on your phone and get up to walk around the office every hour. You don’t have to do anything drastic, just stand up, stretch yourself out, and move for a minute or so. This breaks up your day and stops you from becoming fixed into poor postural positions. You could even follow a short office stretching routine, as seen below:

Tip 2: Be aware of your posture
Secondly, be more conscious of your posture while you work. Don’t allow yourself to become hunched forwards with rounded shoulders. This usually leads to an aggressive arch in your lower back, and you resume this posture when you get up and walk. It’s a surefire way to be in pain all your life! Instead, concentrate on sitting up straight, rolling your shoulders back and down, and slightly tucking your bum under you. Try to maintain this posture all day – it will be hard, but you need to train your body to get used to it. If you find it challenging, you probably need to strengthen and stretch some of your postural muscles. Doing yoga is a great way to achieve this.

Tip 3: Apply topical pain relief
Lastly, it can be hard to concentrate when your back hurts. To relieve your pain, apply a topical treatment. There are lots of heat rubs that work wonders and help your muscles relax. You could also go down the CBD route as many of these products are believed to help fight chronic pain. If you do go down this route, be sure you only buy products made with USDA certified hemp. It ensures the stuff has been tested and is okay to use. Topicals are better than pain medication as they are much safer and don’t have any adverse side effects on the rest of your body. Plus, they work faster.

Follow these three tips to gain control of your chronic backache. So many of us suffer from this problem, and it’s all caused by a desk and computer! The secret to relieving your pain is to move around, correct your posture, and ease soreness to get it out of your mind.

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