Eco-Friendly Living For Baby Boomers

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In recent decades, people have become increasingly aware of environmental issues and the need for eco-friendly, sustainable development. Increased awareness about climate change has generated concerns about environmental threats, such as severe storms and coastal flooding. There is also a growing awareness that resource depletion could threaten industries and lives in the future. People are also concerned about smog and pollution, which can contribute to serious health problems.

This increased awareness has prompted governments and individuals to implement changes. Some cities have banned plastic bags or implemented taxes to discourage people from using plastic bags. In 2019, a study indicated that 70% of households in the United States considered themselves environmentally friendly. These citizens actively recycled products used reusable shopping bags and took steps to reduce waste.

Although people associate environmentalism with millennials, baby boomers are the most eco-friendly generation. Despite this, almost 80% of participants in that 2019 study indicated they wanted to do more to be eco-friendly. Whether you believe there is room for improvement or have not yet actively focused on adopting a green lifestyle, there are some resources and strategies that can help you be environmentally-friendly and promote sustainability.

1. Reprogram Your Thinking


In order to be sustainable, you first need to understand what products are harmful to the environment and why. Permacrafters specializes in teaching people to live with zero waste. They provide resources that can help you identify disposable products that could be replaced with reusable ones. You can help the environment and benefit financially by developing and implementing a zero-waste strategy. With a better understanding of wastefulness in product manufacturing and distribution, you can also identify the most eco-friendly merchandise to buy.

2. Reduce


Do not buy items that you do not need. This will help the environment and your pocketbook. Take some time to go through your garage and attic to ensure you aren’t buying things you already own. You may be able to save money and support an eco-friendly lifestyle by repairing appliances and other merchandise instead of replacing it. This helps cut down on waste in landfills while supporting local businesses.

3. Reuse


Buy reusable bags and take them with you when you go to the grocery store. You will help reduce your use of plastic bags, which will reduce the volume of plastic bags that end up in landfills. You can also create a compost bin or pile where you can safely discard food waste. Food waste that is disposed of with regular trash can produce methane gas, which is very harmful to the environment. Compost can be used in your garden. It provides nutrients that your plants will benefit from. It can also be consumed by earthworms. If you do not have a space for a compost bin or pile you can install a disposal unit in your sink to safely dispose of food waste.

4. Recycle


Municipal recycling programs have been in place for decades. Take time to review all of the items that you can recycle. You may be disposing of many things that could be recycled instead of being discarded. You can also recycle goods in other ways. You may be able to donate unwanted items through social media sites that will ensure they go to people in need instead of discarding them. You may even be able to profit from recycling some items. Scrap metal dealers will pay you for items made of metal. They reuse metal to make recycled steel. There are also companies that purchase grease. The grease is used to make products such as fuel.

5. Research Products and Services


Turn to the Boomer Buyer Guides to read reviews and product information for a wide range of items. This can help you identify which products include harmful substances. You can also find products that are produced in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable way. When you have more detailed information you can make informed decisions about which items to purchase. You can also have confidence that your choices support your desire to be eco-friendly.

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