Helpful Advice And Tips To Help You Find Discount Furniture Online

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The US furniture market is worth about 115 billion dollars. That high figure comes as no surprise seeing as how just about everybody on earth that has a place to call home has at least a few pieces of furniture to their names.

While furniture has established itself as a necessity, that necessity comes with a steep price tag. Buying even simple things like mattresses or sofas can set you back thousands of dollars in some cases.

If you don’t have that kind of cash and don’t want to compromise on comfort, digging up discount furniture online is the way to go. Here are a few of our top tips to help you score incredible deals!

1. Scope Out Thrift Store Websites

While walking into a thrift store is your best course of action if you’re interested in finding cheap furniture, for those that prefer to shop solely online, head over to your thrift store’s website (if they have one)! If you see something you like, buy it through the website or give your store a call to arrange a pick-up/drop-off.

Note that some thrift stores are slow to update their online inventory so always plan on confirming a piece’s availability before getting too excited about what you find.

2. Check Online Postings for Yard Sales

Yard sales are among our favorite places to find discount furniture. It can be hard track down where they’re taking place though without driving around endlessly.

Fortunately, the internet can help you locate yard sales and perhaps by association, discount furniture! We recommend going on websites like Craigslist to look over local ads for sales in your area. Estate sales are equally great events to look for.

3. Shop Inventories at Discount Stores

Some stores offer everyday low prices on furniture since their inventory is made up of overstock pieces they’ve purchased at discount rates. These stores include Big Lots, Marshalls and Ross among others.

Go online and hop on each overstock vendor’s website. You can often find great deals in plain sight or hidden away on a site’s “clearance” tab.

4. Give eBay a Try

eBay is a crapshoot when it comes to finding discount furniture online. Sometimes, you’ll find pieces that are selling on par with market rates while other times, a user will be desperate to part with a piece and can offer discounts well above 50% off.

The trick to being successful on eBay is checking back often, setting up alerts for new postings on items you’re interested in and learning how to bid successfully.

5. Always Use Coupon Codes

Almost every store you buy from online will have a small box at checkout that asks if you have a coupon code. Most people will ignore that box.

Don’t fall into that habit.

Taking 5-minutes of time to do a quick Google search for coupon codes could save you hundreds of dollars!

6. Watch Out for Holiday Promotions

We’ve all seen retailers offer steep discounts on furniture ahead of holidays. The top holidays where discounts are prevalent tend to be Christmas, Easter and Labor Day.

By holding out until those promotions and then buying from your favorite store’s website, you could save hundreds of dollars instantly. At the very least, you’ll almost certainly enjoy free shipping.

7. Claim Free Stuff

There’s no price better than free when you’re looking for discount furniture online. And believe it or not, plenty of people online are more eager to let go of their furniture than they are to collect money from you.

Browse Craigslist’s “free” section to potentially come up on some great, no-cost pieces.

8. Look Into Furniture Swapping

A movement that’s growing in popularity is “furniture swapping”. Furniture swapping is exactly what it sounds like; Two people trade pieces to freshen up one another’s home without having to spend money.

Sure, using someone else’s freshly used furniture might not be on everybody’s to-do list. You’d be surprised though by how great the condition is of some of the pieces you can find during an exchange.

Furniture swaps are coordinated through platforms like Craigslist so start your search there to see what opportunities you find.

9. Work Price Matching Promotions

While you may not think that price matching will save you money (since you can just buy the item you want from the cheaper retailer) it actually can!

Let’s say one online furniture store offered free shipping, a price-matching policy but higher-priced pieces. If you found a piece of furniture at a cheaper store that didn’t offer free shipping, you could get the free shipping store to price match them.

That means you get to claim the lower price and the free shipping!

10. Get in Touch With Wholesalers

Most furniture stores get their pieces from a furniture warehouse that sells items in bulk. If you can get one of those warehouses/wholesalers to sell directly to you, you’d score a rock-bottom price.

Typically, wholesalers will only sell if you’re buying in large quantities. By looking up a wholesaler online, pulling some contact information and sending a couple of emails though, who knows what could happen.

Discount Furniture Online Is Selling Right Now

Every minute, someone scores discount furniture online for prices that you wouldn’t believe. By putting in a little legwork, you too can enjoy that outcome!

We hope our tips help you on your way to saving tons of money on your next furniture purchase. If you find that you need more insight while shopping, check out the newest lifestyle content we have featured on our blog!

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