How Can You Build The Life You Love?

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It can seem like cold comfort to realize almost every way our life turns out is solely on our shoulders. Of course, you yourself may not be responsible for the micro and macro influences you have in your life, but to some degree we can choose how to respond to them. Additionally, even if you’re not responsible, taking responsibility can help you feel empowered and willing to move forward. That can be a major change in mindset for some people who have otherwise been struggling.

But how are you supposed to build the life you love? We all know that working hard from the bottom and making use of opportunities is important, but what if we already have material success but are still unfulfilled? One of the most oversimplified words in our entire language is ‘wealth’. We often mean how many zeroes you have in your bank account when talking about wealth, but wealth can mean plenty of things that give us the opportunity to move forward and better ourselves, or to seek greener pastures.

So, instead of offering you a cliche self-improvement article, let’s gently discuss how you can adapt to this abundance mindset in order to build a life you love, no matter how successful you are in life.

Make It Authentic

It’s important to follow the pursuits you actually care for, or at least to dedicate time to them to the extent you’re capable. For instance, it might be that you are considering joining the military due to the range of benefits it could give you, but if it’s really not in line with the kind of person you are, feeling forced into it (perhaps to make your old folks proud in your adulthood) is not always the best pathway.

There are a million pursuits in life that are worth trying, but it’s also worth keeping in mind that which is right for us. It’s okay if something that works perfectly for your friends isn’t quite optimal for you. Provided you’re willing to take risks and explore, you can then try new things and sooner or later will find exactly that which works for you.

For instance, some people dream of establishing a family they can care about, with three children, two dogs, and a beautiful home to live in. Some may wish to go completely child free, uninterested in bringing another soul into our troubled world. Neither of these people have made the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decision, only that which they felt appropriate to their situation. The more you can give yourself space for these choices, the more you can be sure you’ve made the right one.

Aim For Achievable Goals

While some can take real inspiration of trying to expand into winner’s territory, be that moving to Hollywood to start an acting career or New York to make it in comedy, it’s always worth keeping in mind the realistic goal-setting that gives us daily motivation. These goals are realistic achievements you could make, those mountains that help you ascend and conquer with relative regularity. For instance, it might be awesome to have your song go viral on YouTube, but what about just learning more about production and playing with styles as of now? That’s something you can achieve.

Additionally, it might not be that you live in the most expensive stately home as of the minute, but surely you could find benefits from perfecting your garden to the point you are extremely happy with it? When you achieve goals like this, momentum builds, and who knows what could follow from there? Maybe you’ll even take the time to contact a professional custom builder to help you establish the home of your dreams.

Take Nothing For Granted

It’s important to count our blessings from time to time, and to take nothing for granted. One of the main mistakes anyone can make, and make regularly, is that of ignoring the positivity in front of them. For instance, if you run a podcast that has just broken it’s first thousand listeners – that’s an amazing achievement. Nevermind the fact that you’re not on the ‘top listened to podcast charts’ as of now, you’re moving forward with potential.

Take nothing for granted. From the ability to head to the gym in the morning, or to take more responsibility at work, or to look after our family and ensure their health, sometimes the things we view as chores or unhappy efforts in maintenance can grant us depth and stability. Don’t be afraid to look on the bright side, because things can always get much worse, and quickly. They say you rarely appreciate what you have until it’s gone, but that needn’t be a hard and fast rule to live by.

Establish A Purpose

Establish a purpose that makes sense to you. Maybe you’re working on studying your degree and wish to graduate with first-class honors. That’s a noble goal, and one to keep on top of from now. So, why not focus on it with clarity? You never know the forward progress you could make.

Without a purpose, we can often fall into lethargy and uncertainty. Your purpose needn’t be the noblest or heroic goal you’ve ever experienced. You just need something to keep you going. For some, it might mean being the best mother or father. For others, it may be learning that language or returning to school. For others, providing for our closest relatives is enough of a reward. A purpose and discipline allows you to measure your priorities and organize your schedule with much more ease. That’s a great place to start.


With the prior four habits, you will be sure to understand yourself, focus on that you can achieve, take nothing for granted and then curate your purpose. This in itself, piece by piece, will allow you to focus on that which truly matters. Then, decisions such as purchasing a new car or traveling will be natural rewards, not indulgences to make us avoid building the life we want. This way, you can be your own biggest supporter, and treat yourself as a friend you are responsible for helping.


Mehru Khan studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of technology in New York and moved to Lahore, where she pursued a successful career in design as Head designer at a leading fashion house of couture and luxury pret. Fashion designer,stylist and a consultant Mehru is a fashion insider for Social lifestyle magazine, keeping us abreast with latest trends and events in the world of fashion, arts and culture.

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