How to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

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Do you believe in the highest beings that work on our behalf to guide us and lead us to the right path? Well, they are not physical beings and they are not bound by natural laws like us. 

While these spiritual beings come in different forms and for various reasons, they are all aimed at guiding us back to the love of the universe. 

But just like when traveling in new and unfamiliar territories, you may feel overwhelmed when trying to connect with your spiritual guidance. For one, you might not know where to start. That’s is why it’s important to get guidance from those who have been there before.

For you to connect to your spirit guides you need to keep your mind open. Going through the inner journey is not easy. In fact, it is among the most challenging endeavor you can ever take.

Many people make the mistake of relying on their ego for guidance. You should avoid this at all costs. Instead, you need to seek the help of free spiritual advisors, to avoid being lost and the confusion that may come with it.

How to Experience Spiritual Guides

There are numerous ways you can experience the spirit guides, including:

Inner Knowing

Sometimes you can feel or sense the presence of spirit guides. It can be in the form of strong intuition. Some people even claim to hear or see their guides.


 Some people, especially after meditation, free-write and allow the voice of their guides to work through them. Remember, by connecting to your spirit guides, you’re simply learning to experience the voice of love. The purpose of these spirit guides is to bring your thoughts out of fear back to light and love.

Sparks of Light

You can also see sparks of light after you’ve experienced spirit guides.

Ways to Connect to Your Spirit Guides

Want to connect to your spirit guides, consider these simple steps:

1.       Learn to Ask for Help

If you’re to benefit from your spiritual guides, then you need to get into the habit of asking. Sometimes, due to the issues we face during the day, it’s easy to forget that we can seek help from the spirit. We start relying on ourselves and thus set the stage for fear to set in.

To avoid this, learn to ask for help from your spirit guides. Whether you need to heal your relationship or make more money, you can rely on your spirit guides for help.

2.    Listen

Meditation is an excellent way through which you can connect with spiritual beings. When meditating, be sure to keep your mind quiet so you can experience the guidance that’s within and around you.

It’s only by being quiet and listening that you can be in line with your spirit guides. By aligning yourself to the call of peace and love, it becomes easy to hear the wisdom from your guides.

3.       Write as You Listen to Your Spirit Guides

After meditation, take your notebook and begin writing with your spirit guides. You can start by an invitation note directed to your guides and then let your hand flow according to the guidance of your spirit.

The key here is to have an open mind and let write whatever comes through. It can be ideas, stories, inspired visions, topics, etc. all that you didn’t before.

4.       Ask for a Sign

You want to know whether you’ve actually received clear guidance, right? Then don’t fear to get playful with your spirit guides by asking for a sign. 

5.       Value the Guidance You Receive

You want to witness the guidance you asked for, right? Be sure to pay much attention to your spiritual guides.

By being attentive, you’re sure to experience the power of love within you. You’ll only experience this amazing feeling when you allow yourself to experience the wonderful support within you.

6.       Show Gratitude

You also need to appreciate and show gratitude to your spirit guides for their love and guidance. So, instead of complaining about what you’re yet to get, thank your guides for the guidance you’ve received and the one you’re about to receive. This will show them that you’re open to their guidance and that you trust them.

7.       Trust their Plan

Your guides want the best for your career, relationship, business, etc. It’s, therefore, advisable not to get in the way of their guidance. Remember their plan is better than yours and they want the best for you.



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