How to Make Friends Online

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Making friends online is a great way to interact with others during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can broaden your friend circle or even meet people from a different country that you’d like to visit. Technology has given people the ability to communicate with others from all over the world, and there are so many ways to meet new friends. With all of this downtime, here are the best ways to make friends online.

Try Bumble

Many are familiar with the dating app Bumble, but the app is also the creator of Bumble BFF. It works the same as the dating brand, but everyone is looking for friends to go to brunch with or hangout during a Friday night happy hour. You can set the distance of how many miles away your potential BFF is, and can meet up after sharing messages back and forth. For someone who’s looking to try that new pizza place downtown, bring your Bumble BFF with you and get to know each other.


Be Active on Social Media

Use Instagram as a way to connect with others over common interests. If you love DIY crafts, start searching DIY accounts and hashtags and see if any of the profiles catch your eye. By liking and following an account, you can send your potential friend a direct message and let them know you like their account and would love to discuss some fun DIY projects. Or, for the beauty gurus, you can comment on their photo and ask what products they used for that cut crease. There are so many accounts on Instagram that you may already follow for hobby inspo, so now is your shot to better your craft and make a friend out of it, too. Everyone likes receiving friendly messages or some positive words of encouragement, so now is your chance.


Sell Yourself

theTundra is a social networking site, a lot like Reddit or Tumblr. The site allows users to build communities where they can share their interests with others. These interests include photography, architecture, astronomy, and many more. Each registered member has their own homepage featuring daily theTundra news, customizable newsfeed features, and a public profile page where members can share their published content and reposts. This is a great way to meet others from different states and countries and connect over something like the NFL Draft, Pi Day, or The Beatles.

Get Into Gaming

Remember the days in your tweens when Club Penguin and Millsberry consumed your life? Animal Crossing is all the rage during COVID-19, but branch out and discover new gaming sites. Account Warehouse lets users buy LOL accounts, best known as League of Legends, and not only can customers buy accounts, but they can sell accounts as well. Account Warehouse started almost 10 years ago and is based in the United States. Your personal information is always 100 percent safe, so you can count on this site for the best accounts out there regarding LOL.


Be Vulnerable

You don’t have to tell your new friend your whole life story, but slowly start telling them some fun details about you. What is your dream vacation? What do you like to do in your free time? Tell them something funny that happened to you today. By sharing information about yourself, it will give your new friend the opportunity to get to know you, and, in return, share information about themselves so you can get to know them. It may be difficult to keep conversation flowing at times, but it’s best to think of some icebreakers to carry on the conversation. When you’re ready, you can ask your online friend if they’re interested in setting up a FaceTime call or meet up in person.

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