How to Mentally Unplug at Night When You’re Working from Home

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With the coronavirus forcing thousands of companies to close their doors and have their employees work remotely at home, it can be difficult to separate work from your personal life. This is especially true when dozens of states are enforcing stay at home orders that limit social gatherings and your ability to visit parks, beaches, and other public areas. 

However, spending all of your waking hours behind your screen typing away, even when you’re off the clock, can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, which is why you need to find a healthy balance. Today, we’ll go over how to mentally unplug at night when you’re working from home, so you can get a solid night of slumber without your boss or managing haunting you in your sleep.

Create a daily schedule

The first tip to creating a healthy work-life balance is setting up a daily schedule. Humans are creatures of habit, so creating a daily routine can help you stay organized and productive. Waking up at 12 pm to start work one day, and then 7 am the next day, can throw you into a funk. It’s best to start your day and eat breakfast and lunch at the same time and take scheduled breaks throughout the day to keep your brain sharp.

You can create a schedule the old-school way with a large desk calendar, or you can try out 21st-century scheduling apps that allow you to create schedules and view them at home from your computer, or when you’re on the go through your mobile phone.

Get rid of distractions

Productivity is key when it comes to meeting deadlines and unplugging after work. If you’re not productive throughout the day, this can lead you to work after hours when it’s time to eat dinner, run errands, and sleep. To ensure you’re on task with all of your projects, make sure you get rid of distractions.

Is social media consuming the bulk of your day? Use an app that blocks social media to help you stay focused and more productive. Or, are you constantly seeking your favorite deals, such as CBDistillery discount codes or Nike coupons, instead of working? There are apps, such as StayFocused, that allow you to block certain websites to rid your temptation of online shopping when you’re scheduled to work.

Set an end time to each workday

If you don’t set an end time to your workday, you can find yourself working through the wee hours of the morning. To prevent this, make sure to set a time where you’ll close your laptop and shut off email and text notifications. Plus, clocking out at 5 every day will allow your friends and family to spend time with you without having to compete for your attention if work is consuming your life.

Each lunch away from your desk

You don’t want your entire day consumed by work. When lunch time rolls around, make an effort to eat away from your desk. This will give you time to recharge and return more focused. To change up your lunch routine, try eating at the dining room, or go outside and eat on your patio or porch while soaking up some sunny rays. 

While you may want to eat and work at the same time, there’s sufficient evidence that taking a break can help spike your energy levels and help you become more productive. This means you’ll get more work done on time without having to work late at night.

Don’t work in your personal space

Lying in bed with your pajamas sounds like a great idea in theory. But when it’s time to go to bed, falling asleep with your work computer staring at you can lead to stressful nightmares filled with client emails and approaching deadlines.

Instead, separate your personal space and workspace by creating a home office, or designating an area of your home to work. To create a productive home office that doesn’t infringe on your personal life, choose an area that’s removed from high-traffic areas like the kitchen or living room. These rooms can cause some temptations to go back to work when you’re eating dinner or spending quality time with your family.

The bottom line

Life isn’t all about working. Sure, we need to work to pay bills and put food on the table, but there are greater things to see and do than staying cooped up inside working. With these tips, you’ll be able to create a healthy work-life balance and unwind enough to sleep after working from home.

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