I Don’t: 16 Signs It’s Time for a Divorce

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Are you wondering whether it’s time to call it quits in your marriage? You’re not alone since 41% of marriages in the U.S. lead to divorce.

In this article, explore 16 signs it’s time for a divorce. Read on to discover whether it might be the better choice for all involved to part ways.

1. Constant Negative Interactions

While a negative interaction at times is normal, if you notice there are more negative than physical interactions that could be a red flag.

Do you find yourselves having multiple negative interactions? You should learn more about how to get a divorce with a divorce attorney.

2. Your Needs Are No Longer Met

How do you know when it’s time to divorce? Well, marriage is a partnership. If you notice that both of you aren’t meeting your needs spiritually, emotionally, or physically, it might be time to end it.

Since marriage is a partnership it shouldn’t be one-sided.

3. You’ve Tried Counseling

Have you exhausted all options including counseling but nothing seems to work? Sometimes things just won’t work even if you’ve both tried.

Counseling requires both you and your spouse to work together to change and improve behavior. If it’s one-sided, counseling won’t do the trick.

4. Argument Severity

Do you notice that your arguments are severe? No matter how often or little they happen, severe arguments aren’t a good sign.

Some couples stay together because they rarely argue, and they put up with abusive patterns.

While disagreements are normal, it’s not if your arguments are severe. If you can’t resolve conflicts in a healthy manner, without putting each other down, that’s a red flag.

5. Lack of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy doesn’t just mean sex, but also feelings, affection, and understanding. These can then lead to less sex. Less sex can lead to a poor connection with each other.

In some cases, a lack of intimacy can lead to affairs. Affairs can be devastating to marriages.

6. Lack of Respect

Mutual respect is a requirement for all healthy marriages. You should be with someone who you can speak highly of, and who speaks highly of you. They should be interested in what you have to say and be proud of you.

When there’s a lack of respect, there’s little love that’s shared. No respect can lead to feeling rejected or ignored.

7. Waiting for Change

Do you find yourself constantly hoping and wanting your spouse to change? If someone will truly change, they have to want it too and be dedicated to changing.

8. You Never Argue

While explosive fights are never a good sign, if you never disagree that’s not a good sign either. If you feel like you can’t be bothered to argue, that’s troublesome.

When someone doesn’t feel comfortable with their partner they can turn to avoiding them or silence.

9. You Aren’t Yourself

Do you find yourself hiding who you really are? When you’re in a fulfilling marriage you’ll feel comfortable being yourself.

If you’re having to keep your beliefs hidden or change yourself, it shows you don’t feel respected.

10. Kids or Work Come First

While outside influences can be a positive force for your marriage, they can also be negative. If you notice that other obligations are taking over your time and devotion to your partner, it’s time to take notice.

The separation can become so severe that divorce can become the only option.

11. Distancing Patterns

Do you notice one of you is looking for distance while the other is looking for intimacy? This can lead to a lack of trust and love between each other.

This is due to a lack of sexual or emotional intimacy.

12. You Feel Lonely With Them

If you feel lonely when you’re with your partner, you might be asking yourself, is it time for a divorce?

Because of this, you might feel a lack of closeness and intimacy. You might notice you feel closer to co-workers or friends than your own partner.

13. Questioning the Marriage

Do you find yourself not interested in fixing things? Or maybe dreaming of the day you can finally leave? These are signs your marriage isn’t working.

You know yourself well enough to know when it’s not working. Or, you don’t know yourself well enough to know if you should be in the current relationship.

14. Not We but I

In a healthy marriage, you should work together as a team. You should work together running the household and supporting each other.

If you rarely talk and are taking separate paths, it becomes more one-sided and not a partnership anymore.

15. You Think It’s Cheaper to Stay

It’s obvious that running 2 households is more expensive than one, but that shouldn’t be why you stay.

If the only reason you’re staying is that it’s cheaper, it might be time to part ways.

16. Unfaithfulness

Affairs aren’t just about physical relationships, but emotional connections as well. Do you find yourself chatting up an ex and telling yourself it’s ok since it’s not physical?

If you find yourself looking elsewhere whether emotionally or physically, it’s time to draw up the paperwork. You both deserve to find happiness if it’s not with each other.

Exploring Signs It’s Time for a Divorce

After exploring signs it’s time for a divorce, take these into consideration, and decide whether it’s the right decision for you. Speak with your spouse and come to an agreement.

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