Spring Accessories for 2020: What’s Trending

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Accessories are the finishing touches on an outfit. If you’re not adding the latest belts, bags, and hats to your spring wardrobe, then you miss out on taking your look to the next level. Here’s what’s trending for spring 2020.

Chunky Belts

Thin belts are out, and wide ones are in style. A chunky black belt looks amazing as the finishing touch for a dress, particularly when it pops against a bright shade of yellow or pink fabric.

Plus, your outfits are new again when you dress them up with a belt. This spring, a belt is an accessory that is usually more affordable than buying a new dress or skirt.

Geometric Shapes

For jewelry, a hot spring 2020 trend is geometric-shaped earrings and necklaces. These items are oversized and look great in silver and bronze.

Wearing big geometric-shaped earrings make a bold statement when you wear your hair back in a tight bun. Put on a peach blazer and rock it!

Eco-Friendly Bags

Style is eco-conscious. If you want to look great and help the environment, then eco-friendly leather bags from oh my bag are a terrific choice.                                                                                                          

Plus, this brand of bags promotes sustainable livelihoods of small communities in India. Worn over one shoulder or crossbody style, you can feel good about helping others while looking amazing at the same time.

Flower Brooches

Floral brooches are a great accessory that can add new life to a blouse, t-shirt or light jacket from last year. While flowers are always trendy in spring and summer, having them on brooches is new for 2020.

Choose a bright hue for your brooch and wear it with a striped shirt to be in fashion right now. The brooch is traditionally worn on the left side and this trend follows that fashion rule.

Square Toe Sandals

Sandals complete a spring outfit year after year, and the 2020 trend is a wearing pair of square toe strappy shoes. The design is attractive as it lengthens the look of the leg.

Wear the sandals with bare legs or with a sheer pair of tights, depending which look you prefer. Bright colors add a pop to a white dress or go classic with square toe sandals in brown or black.

Padded Headbands

This attractive accessory is great if you’re having a bad hair day; nobody will know if you overslept and skipped washing your hair this morning. The headband is making a comeback in a padded style this year.

Wear it in the center of the head or further back. Push back your bangs for a sophisticated look, whether you get one with or without a pattern.

Chain Link Necklaces

Another great trend for jewelry lovers this season is chunky chain link necklaces. They’re big and beautiful, making a statement with a basic white dress, a colorful blouse, or a grey blazer.

Looking dynamic in silver, this particular accessory trend could predict the rise of silver jewelry in the next seasons. Choose hoops that you feel comfortable wearing as you’ll likely wear them several times. 


Classic pearls are everywhere in spring 2020. They are found on necklaces, earrings, and bracelets today.

Find them in layers or single strand varieties. Wear them long or as a choker style; they are wearable every day.

Huge Hoops

Big is better when it comes to the chain link necklaces, and the same statement holds true for hoops earrings in spring. Large gold hoops are everywhere, and they are likely to stay around for a while.

Rather than being small and delicate, they are large and add a punch to a fancy outfit. You might call them power hoops because they stand out and make you the fashionista in any room.

Following the Trends

The spring 2020 runways have shined with the accessory trends highlighted above. These items are likely to continue through the summertime, with a few new ones to come in the next month or two.

Stay in the know to update your closet and look great, whether you’re going to a casual lunch or glammed up for a fun evening. Being fashionable puts you in a good mood, so keep stepping out in style and smiling; you look amazing!

Feeling Your Best

Whichever trend you want to embrace, go for it! When you are in style and wearing bright hues for the season, you will stand out in a crowd and bring positive attention your way.

Enjoy your spring, looking your best, which boosts your confidence. Bring on the flowers, pearls, and other trends!

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