Summer Splurges to Make you Feel Beautiful

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We all need to splurge on ourselves now and again. It doesn’t have to be something terribly expensive or extravagant, either. Just little treats and indulgent things that make us feel good about ourselves, like we’re treating ourselves to a little something that is well deserved. Taking care of yourself in this way is all about creating confidence and inspiring beauty in everything you do, without spending a ton of money. 

Below, we’ve laid out a few must-have items that you might want to splurge on this summer – gorgeous, fun things that every woman should have in her wardrobe, not just for summer, but year round! 

A Cute and Functional Swimsuit

Too many people make the mistake of buying a jaw-dropping, sexy swimsuit that turns heads, yes, but is hard to do much of anything in. 

Sure, you want something you look great in, but you also want to be comfortable while on that beach vacation. It might seem impossible, but there are some amazingly cute and even sexy swimsuits out there that are comfortable, functional and accessible that will allow you to make the most of your summer vacation while still being able to swim, surf, and breathe. 

No matter if your style is classic, athletic, goth, trendy or something else entirely, there are tons of new styles for 2020 that will have you feeling and looking amazing on the water. 

Sexy Lingerie

Every woman should have at least one set or piece of lingerie that makes them feel like a goddess. With so many beautiful styles, shapes, sizes and colors of undergarments out there to fit any budget, you’re guaranteed to find the sexy lingerie that suits you and your tastes perfectly. 

Having well-fitted lingerie can change your entire outlook on life, make your clothes fit better, improve your posture and do wonders for your self-confidence boost. Now that sounds like an investment that’s worth the money. Lingerie is more than just for your partner: it’s for you, so you can feel sexy and amazing. 

Accessories Galore

Summer is all about accessories. You want items that are functional – hats and sunglasses that will keep your skin safe from UV rays, and so on – but that are every bit as cute as they are efficient. 

The truth is, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on items to look flashy and on-trend. It’s all about using your own skills with affordable, functional pieces to create a look and aesthetic that’s all your own. Using items from your own closet, when paired with some key pieces that are trendy right now, you’ll accessorize any summer outfit to perfection. 

This is the summer to treat yourself to something amazing, like a new pair of glasses you got for a steal, some sexy lingerie or a swimsuit that makes you feel like superwoman. Gorgeous, fun fashion doesn’t have to break the bank – you can find awesome fashion for amazing prices if you just know where to look. Treat yourself to the best summer ever with a great gift for yourself today.


Sara Kosmyna is a sought after brow expert and makeup artist whose client list includes actors, models, television stars, fashion designers, public relations professionals, and web hosts from Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York. She has worked among those on major networks including Bravo, Style, and VH1. She founded Bombshell Beauty to offer everyday women and young girls the opportunity to learn professional makeup tips and applications. Hailed as a “brow master” she has worked with numerous brides to achieve a truly customized shape months in advance of their weddings. She has been interviewed on the radio and online about her expert brow tips and professional makeup artistry. To schedule an appointment, email

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