Why Buy an SUV? Do You Really Need One?

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SUVs (sports utility vehicles) are popular cars for a number of reasons. People choose them when they want something safe and reliable, which they can drive over different terrains. If you’re considering buying an SUV, you might be wondering whether it’s really worth it. Should you spend the money on an SUV, and is it worth the extra space that it may take up? Not everyone needs to own an SUV, although you might feel more powerful when you’re driving one around. However, many people can benefit from owning an SUV and will find it much better than a smaller car or one designed mainly for driving in cities. So what reasons are there for buying one?


For many people, safety is the top reason to buy an SUV. It’s natural to be worried about how safe you are on the road, particularly when you have a family. You want to feel assured that if you were to be in an accident, your car would protect you. Of course, you have all of the standard safety equipment, and you can choose from lots of new safety technology too. But it’s also true that an SUV is just more likely to be the car that comes out best in a collision with a small car that’s not designed for tough conditions.

Higher Capacity

Anyone who has a need for more space will often find that an SUV meets their needs. You might have a large family, or you need to carry lots of people at once for other reasons. Perhaps you want to make sure there is space for pets in your car and need a larger vehicle for that reason. Or you might be someone who enjoys a lot of outdoor activities, and you need somewhere to put your sports equipment, camping gear or anything else that you need to bring with you.

Great for Off-roading

Staying on neatly maintained roads might be good when you have a set destination in mind and a deadline for getting there. But if you like to drive for fun and not just to get from A to B, a vehicle that can handle being off-road is a must. It’s essential for intrepid travelers and adventurers. Finding a dealer that has the new Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale or other SUVs with all-wheel-drive makes sense if you want to spend more time driving off-road. You will also have a car that can handle winter weather conditions.

Tow More

Sometimes you need to tow something. You might be thinking about buying an RV trailer or perhaps you need a good towing capability for another reason. If you need to tow a boat, horses or recreational equipment, you need a vehicle that’s up to the job. An SUV is often the best option if you’re looking for something that meets your requirements. Some SUVs have extra features to make them better for towing.

An SUV could be the right choice for you if it meets your needs. It might not be essential for everyone, but sometimes it’s the best option.

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