Why Traveling Doesn’t Have To Mean Slumming It

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If you are an ardent traveler and love nothing better than scratching that wanderlust itch, you need to think about taking a sabbatical from your career. While travel may be off the cards at the moment with the pandemic sweeping across the globe, there is no better time to start planning a mammoth trip. The Covid-19 crisis has made travel even more alluring. Whenever you cannot do something, you ache to do it more. When traveling, you don’t have to slum it like a gap year student. Older travelers are becoming more common as people yearn to see the world, meet new people and experience new cultures. To broaden your horizons, follow this guide and travel in style.

Where Will You Go?

While backpacking around India or Thailand is a typical early twenty-something trip, don’t assume that you cannot do it. While you might not fancy staying in hostels, you can do an authentic rail tour across Goa and Darjeeling in India. You can still visit the Taj Mahal and the Ganges without a mere handful of rupees.

If India isn’t your bag and you’d like to stay closer to home, consider the most exciting destinations in the United States. If you’re an outdoor bunny, think about heading to a national park and doing some hiking while staying in a five-star lodge. Or perhaps, you fancy splashing the cash to charter a private jet to Sarasota, Florida, where you can head to soak up the rays on Lido beach after taking in some cultural delights south of Tampa. Consider where you will go and how you will get there. Fly first class, go on a cruise or pick the most luxurious train cabin to make your travel as five stars as your accommodation.


For those individuals who love adventure, it’s time to look for a trip that allows you to get your thrills. Think about sky diving in Sydney, snowshoeing in Iceland or abseiling in Japan. There are plenty of tours available to choose from, but you can make your trip more bespoke by organizing it yourself. You can also save money by self-planning meaning that you have more money to spend on getting your adrenaline kicks when traveling.

For those who are adventurous eaters, think about toasted tarantula in China, or maybe a whole hog’s head in Morocco is more your thing. Gastronomic delights can form a huge part of your travels. Spend your cash on authentic street food as well as fine dining.

Avoid The Crowds

It can be challenging to avoid tourist hotspots when you are venturing overseas. If you want to to go off the beaten track, you don’t have to slum it. But, you do have to follow the locals rather than the organized tours. Check out where the locals eat and follow them. Learn some of the native languages before you head to your destination and chat with the locals. Enquire about where they go to relax, to get their kicks and to see the best vistas. These people will be the best source of knowledge to help empower your trip.

When you travel, you don’ have to slum it. Instead, follow this guide, travel in style and make your adventure overseas personal to you.


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