3 Signs You’re Partying Too Hard and Need to Slow Down

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An active social life is extremely important for your wellbeing. Especially at a time when many of us are struggling under the weight of our isolation. Our friends are a huge part of our personal and emotional support network. And what better way to make memories with your squad than by getting dressed up and hitting the town together? But while your younger years are made for partying, the importance of learning to pace yourself cannot be overestimated. 

Part of being a good part animal is knowing when the party’s over. And your hedonistic lifestyle could already be starting to catch up with you. Unless you’re careful, you might find yourself burning out, endangering your health and imperiling your career. 

Here are some signs to watch out for. If you notice one or more of these in your life, it’s probably a sign that you need to slow down…

You’re having trouble finding someone who wants to commit

You’re the girl that everyone wants to party with. But you’re not the girl that anyone wants to take home to meet their mother. While there’s absolutely no shame in playing the field and getting some experience with casual relationships behind you, there comes a time when many of us start to want more. But if all you’re known for is your truly heroic intake of cocktails, your legendary boogie and your proclivity for staying out till 4am, this might not endear you to the guy (or girl) who’s ready to settle down and commit. As such, you could find that you keep getting into relationships with the wrong kinds of people… inevitably leading to tragedy. 

You find yourself needing a drink

It can make your meal taste better, help you feel more relaxed and confident and make your night out go with a pop… but alcohol is responsible for way more bad times than good. We all assume our relationship with alcohol is good and healthy… until it isn’t. 

There’s a difference between coming home from a stressful day at work and proclaiming “Ugh, I need a drink” and knowing in your heart that you really need a drink. If your relationship with alcohol has turned sour, you may need to take yourself out of your social group for a while.

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It’s interfering in your ability to do your job

All those late nights and toxins are bound to take a toll on your body. A lack of sleep, nutrition and hydration can leave you severely cognitively impaired. And this can lead to mistakes and “brain fog” at work. At best, your boss might not think that you’re ready for the promotion you’ve had your eyes on. At worst, it might lead to you losing your job and have to start all over again. 

The good news is that your body can heal if you give it time. You just need to heed the warning signs and learn to slow down… before you fall down. 



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