5 Tips for Making the Best Party Playlists for Any Event

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No matter the occasion, party playlists set the mood of the event. Here’s how you can create the ultimate playlist for your next party.

The music you choose for your playlist can make or break an event. Music evokes emotion, and as the DJ you have a huge part in creating the proper party environment. 

With this responsibility comes great power, choose your songs carefully to create an event people can’t forget. 

So how do you make sure your party playlists are not a flop? Follow these easy tips to bring your playlist from bad to rad. 

  1. Consider the Mood

Who is in the audience at the party? You’ll want to consider what music would be most appealing.

A playlist for your niece’s birthday party is going to and should be very different than a music playlist for a college rager. 

If you’re having a party with a wide range of ages and personalities, create a good mix of oldies, popular new songs, and covers. 

  1. Listen to Other Party Playlists

You don’t need to build your playlist from scratch. Listen to the best Spotify playlists to get a feel for what other party playlists sound like. 

Pick and choose what songs fit your vibe, and then add ones of your own! No one has to know it’s not an original playlist. It’ll be our little secret!

  1. All About the Flow 

The key to a good playlist is having the songs transition well. You don’t need to tell a story with your songs, but you should consider the flow of the music throughout the event.

Here is our golden rule: do not shuffle!

Purposefully build from popular, but pleasing music to real slammers. You shouldn’t start the party with the YMCA (if you feel so compelled to include it, I’d throw this towards the end of the event, especially if there is alcohol involved).

  1. Dress Rehearsal

Before the big event, listen to your playlist the entire way through. Make sure that there are enough songs to last the entire event. We’d recommend even adding a few extra just in case the party runs long. 

We’ve discussed how important the flow of music is. How will you be able to judge if the transitions are smooth if you don’t give it a test run?

Make sure to listen to it in one sitting so you get the complete vibe of your playlist. 

  1. Don’t Overpower With Personal Preference

Technically, you could do a playlist of just your favorite songs. It’ll be great for you, but maybe not for the rest of your guests (especially if you have unique tastes). Go ahead and throw a few of your beloved jams in there, but pad them with other popular music. 

Who’s On Your Playlist?

The power of the playlist is in your hand. You’ve been given a big responsibility in controlling the temperament of the party. Don’t worry, we know you can do it. Follow these easy tips to make your party playlists are ones to remember. 

Be sure to check out the rest of our website for more tips, tricks, and lifestyle hacks like this. Happy reading!

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