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6 Remote Team Building Activities to Boost Morale

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With your team remote at the moment, it might seem a bit harder to bond with them. If you’re stuck for something to boost morale, don’t worry there are plenty of team building activities you can try online. Now that video conferencing has become the norm, why not try out some fun group exercises and games as well? Here are some engaging ideas to help motivate your staff, and get that team spirit back.  

House Hunters

Depending on the dynamic of your team, it might be fun to have a little peek into each other’s homes. What you can do is get each person do prepare a little show and tell. You can arrange it so you guess whose house it is or get individuals to showcase certain items or rooms they’re particularly proud of. Make sure you give them warning in advance! If your team is comfortable getting a little personal then this game could help build trust between you.

Desert Island

This is a good example of a collaborative activity that can easily be done remotely. Separate your team into pairs or groups, and give them a list of items and get them to choose which they would want on a desert island and why. You could vary the scenarios. This is a great way to develop other skills such as problem solving and teamwork. 


This is a story-building game that has different variations. Consequences is normally played in small groups, where each member writes out the line of a story. You can add drawing to the game. Some people start by introducing characters, or simply writing out lists of adjectives or random words. Choose whichever is the most logistical for your group. The end results should be very funny and it’s definitely an ice-breaker, without asking much from your employees. 

Emoji Quizzes

There are several of these available to download online. Put your staff in pairs or teams and get them to race to figure out the emoji code. You could choose a category, for example, films, where the title is written out in emojis. Just make sure they don’t cheat, and set a time limit. 

Scavenger Hunt

Fortunately, there’s an app for this one. GooseChase has loads of team building ideas for scavenger hunts that can be adapted for remote workers. You could get them to get outside and find things out and about. With everyone on their smartphone, it shouldn’t be too difficult to manage. Set them silly tasks and challenges, it’s definitely something different.

Team Parties

There’s no reason why you still can’t host the odd staff party online. Keep them short however and always have an activity planned. You could keep it light and do something like a virtual wine tasting, or search online to find virtual events. Have some fun together and remember to stay positive.

Team building activities help to improve employee satisfaction, which in turn will increase productivity. There are plenty of ideas you can adapt to the remote office. 


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