A Guide on Vaping Flavors to Try

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Switching to vaping from regular cigarettes can be a great decision for you, especially because it means you have access to a whole host of exciting flavors to try when you choose to ditch the classic odor of a smoky cigarette. 

If you’re new to vaping or deciding to make the switch, maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed regarding which flavors would be right for you, or how many you actually have access to. This guide can help you. 

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What Flavor Is Right For You?

When it comes to trying out different vaping flavors, think about the tastes you already like. This could be your favorite beverage, your preferred fruit, or even your preferred dessert. You can then align your preferences to the vaping liquid you want to try. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more classic like mint or menthol for your vaping, then this is available, too. 

How To Find New Flavors 

If you’re not sure which flavors to try first, or if you’d rather have a regular mix of different ones, it’s a great idea to try a subscription box with so that you can always have a dependable variety delivered right to your door, based on your personal tastes and preferences. 

You can also look online for news of new flavors that have been recently released, or which are the most highly rated or popular flavors at this moment in time. 

Traditional Fruit Flavors

If you’re not feeling too adventurous, it might be that you’d prefer to stick to a traditional flavor that you’re accustomed to. This could be your regular fruits, such as apple and strawberry. 

Traditional flavors on the vaping market at the moment include:

  • Apple
  • Melon
  • Berry
  • Mango
  • Kiwi

Dessert Flavors 

That’s right; you can have your favorite dessert in vaping form, too! Various dessert flavors can be very obscure, but there’ll always be something for everyone. Popular dessert flavors on the market at the moment include: 

  • Custard
  • Cinnamon cake
  • Cookie butter 
  • Cheesecake
  • Banana cream pie

Beverage Flavors 

Maybe you’re more a drinker than an eater, and you want your vaping to be aligned with your favorite beverages — that doesn’t have to mean alcoholic beverages, either! The available beverage flavors on the vaping market include: 

  • Lemonade
  • Strawberry milk 
  • Cappuccino 
  • Cola
  • Peach tea
  • Tropical punch

Menthol Flavors

Menthol can be a great choice for those who love a more refreshing kick and want their flavors to be more cooling. You can grab yourself traditional menthol flavors like peppermint, or you can even try more fruity menthol variations, like iced watermelon or tropical freeze. 

Nicotine Salt Flavors

Nicotine salts are for those people who may want an improved nicotine hit compared to normal e-liquid, but that doesn’t mean that you compromise on flavor variety. Your nicotine salt variations come provided in the majority of flavors, such as fruity classics or icy menthols, and all of the categories covered above. So whether you’re a dessert fan or want a classic beverage in vaping form, your nicotine salts will still have you covered. 


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