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Do you find heading to the office each morning a complete chore? You might think that this is normal and unfortunately, job satisfaction is at an all-time low. However, you can be the exception here and find a career that you love and enjoy. This can ensure that you avoid the dread of waking up each Monday morning completely. To do this, you might need to explore ways that you can escape the office. Here are some of the few possibilities that we suggest you keep in mind. 

Work From Home 

The first option could be to start working from home instead. One of the ways that you can work from home is by freelancing. Freelancing means that you won’t be on a permanent contract for business. Instead, you can choose which contracts you take on and the type of clients that you work for. It can offer the ultimate level of freedom in your career because you can work how you want when you want. There has been some suggestion that freelance work is going to become more popular in the wake of the coronavirus and the gig economy was already growing at a tremendous rate. Working from home will require that you have the right set up. You need to make sure that you remain productive throughout the workday and this means no distractions. 

On The Road

Alternatively, you might want to consider a business that keeps you on the road. There are numerous company models that you can explore here and they will be perfect if you love driving or working outside of your home and outside of the office. For instance, you could work in repairs and construction. If you do this, you will need to invest in the right vehicle kitted out the correct way. This is going to be one of your most important investments. Sites such as offer a wide range of truck accessories that could be useful to you here. 

Working Abroad 

You might even want to think about working abroad. It’s easier than you probably think to move to a new country and start fresh with an exciting career. You just need to make sure that you understand how to migrate and look at the work opportunities that are suitable based on your experience as well as your knowledge. You could even operate as a holiday rep. You just need the right level of charisma and charm. It’s ideal if you are keen to operate outdoors in a tropical location most of the year. 

Exploring Online Business Opportunities 

You might also want to think about exploring business opportunities that you can set up yourself and then manage online. Some of the options include ecommerce websites. With the right ecommerce website, you will be able to sell products for an honest profit. One of the easiest ways to approach this is by investing in wholesale goods to sell on. You can learn more about selling wholesale products on

Follow Your Passion 

Finally, you might want to think about pursuing a passion and turning it into a career. While this can be a difficult road, there is nothing stopping you from earning money with a passion that you hold dear to your heart. You just need to make sure that you are completing the right research and exploring the pathways that are available. For instance, it’s possible that you love writing. Writing presents a fantastic career opportunity outside of the office, beyond working on your first novel. While they say that everyone has at least one level inside them, it could take some time to complete. During this time, you might want to think about exploring something like content creation or online marketing. Both options could be the right step for your career. 

Alternatively, you could pursue a career in music. As with any art career, the trick to building up demand is always going to be approaching self-promotion the right way. You need to make sure that you are active across different social networks, regularly releasing updates about your content and your progress in the industry. This will help you build up a following. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways to avoid the office completely. Remember, not everyone is cut out for working behind a desk all day every day. For some people, this is going to be nothing short of a nightmare. With these career choices, you can gain more freedom and potentially enjoy the working day a lot more than you used to. 


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