Exercising When You Really Don’t Feel Like It

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Exercise is an important part of life. As humans, we’re built to move, and when you’re living a modern and more stationary life, it’s important to build exercise into your regular routine. We do our best to keep up with workouts, and going to the gym, right? Well, not all of us. 

Sure, we all know the above information rationally, but there comes some occasions where we simply don’t want to exercise, even when we really should, and we just can’t seem to find the motivation to do so! We just don’t want to get dressed and pull our running shoes on, or hit the pool and have to get in and out of a swimsuit. 

So, what can you do, when you don’t want to exercise, but really need to? 

Keep Things Short

If you’re really not feeling like working out, it’s time to cut things short, and only do a fraction of your usual workout routine. If you’d usually be down the gym for an hour, why not try out a simple 20 minutes? Get through a third of what you’d usually do and see how you’d feel after. If you’re still unenthused, you can go home. But most people will get into the swing of things by the end of the 20 minutes, and will want to stay on to complete the whole hour. 

Surround Yourself with Exercise Hype

If you’re not feeling like exercising yourself, go onto Youtube and search up some workout routine videos. Click on a few you like the look of, and watch them through, and see how you feel afterwards. Do you feel any more motivated to get up and go? There’s a good chance you will be! 

Because when you surround yourself with a bit of hype, you can get infected by it, and it makes you want to join in as well. If you see people on your screen performing sit ups, or talking about how beneficial a quick run can be, you’re more likely to be in the mood to exercise yourself. Your brain is focusing on exercise in a more positive way, and that can completely shift your mindset. 

Make Your Experience a Little More Comfortable

Of course, you can always change your routines, or add something to them, to make them a little more comfortable for you. On days when you’re not feeling your best, or when the world seems to be against your efforts to stay healthy, it’s important to have the right equipment on your side. For example, when it’s raining out and you know your usual shoes would get soaked through, find out what the best shoes for rain are and pick up a pair! Just a few simple actions here and there can set you up for a much better workout routine. 

Don’t feel like exercising? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Do some of the things above to help you get back in the mood, and you’ll be set.


Ruby is a fashion blogger for magazines and occasionally for different blogs. She likes to travel, UK and France are two of her favorite places to go. Her lifestyle is clean, she is a gymaholic, she loves to keep herself healthy and work out. She enjoys every fashion and social event and tries not to miss them.

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