Four Easy Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding is such a big undertaking. From picking out invitations to curating the guest list and finding the right DJ, the to-do list never seems to end. During the planning stage, it is way too easy to get lost in it all.

But remember your wedding is really just about you and your beloved! If you’re feeling enveloped by tulle and tradition, then check out these simple ways to add some of your personality back into your wedding. From the ceremony to the party, we’ve got you covered with these easy pops of personality you can put into your day.

1) Don’t Feel Restricted To Regular Wedding Day Wear

When you think of a wedding, you picture a bride in a giant white ballgown, and a groom in a tuxedo. But for some of us, that feels stuffy and just plain wrong.

One simple way you can add a pop of personality to your wedding is by avoiding these traditional choices and wearing something more personal.

A colorful dress or sash is an easy way to stand out in a sea of white dresses. According to The Celtic Croft, a festive piece from your heritage like a sari, or kilt can help you feel comfortable on your wedding day. Some retailers have tons of experience setting up couples with wedding kilt rentals and Celtic jewelry.

These simple nods to your personality or heritage can make you feel like you’re taking back your day—both in the moment and when you look back at the photos.

2) Bring Your Taste into the Menu

Another great way to differentiate your wedding is with the food you serve your guests. From pop-up coffee stations to waffle bars and even food trucks, there are tons of ways to avoid the traditional dry chicken and fish found at most weddings.

Have fun with your menu! See if your favorite local restaurants have any catering options you can bring in. Your local friends will be glad to see food that they know is delicious, and your out-of-town guests will be thrilled to be introduced to something new and delicious.

But before you book anything, be sure to check that your venue allows for outside food of any kind.

3) Carve Out A Moment to Recognize Your Family

Thirdly, taking a moment during your ceremony or party to acknowledge how your families are blending is a lovely way to individualize your day. Each family is unique, so spending a moment to talk about how two are becoming one is so special.

One great way beyond the Daddy-Daughter and Mother-Son dance to recognize your family is in a sand or unity candle ceremony. But even something small like an acknowledgment in a speech from the bride and groom makes a big difference. When you share with your whole party how much you know these people are a part of your moment, that love is felt by everyone!

4) Make Your Take-Home Gift Something Actually Useful

There’s nothing more generic than a wedding favor that consists of a gift of Jordan almonds or bubbles. These tried and true wedding day favors are fitting, but if you feel stuck in a corner when it comes to your big day, you need to give a favor with a bit more personality.

If you’re big wine lovers, how about tossing your guests some embossed corkscrews? Or, if you’ve always loved travel, luggage tags are a cheap, unique, and useful take-home gift.

If you want to source unique items like these at great prices, look at wholesale shops that custom print for businesses. Shopping there ensures that you’re going to get a great deal!

Make Sure Your Wedding Reflects You 

All in all, when planning your big day, it’s more important to make choices that reflect what you both love rather than follow tradition.

A wedding is only the beginning. But when you have a wedding that truly reflects you from your head to your toes, it is a great way to kick off your journey as partners.


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