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Girls’ Trip in NYC: What to Do, Wear, and Pack for a Weekend Away

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If you’re looking for a weekend getaway with your girlfriends that is both relaxing and full of fun activities, look no further than New York City. You can save serious cash on the trip by staying in a nearby suburb in New Jersey, such as North Bergen, West New York, Jersey City, Guttenberg, or Weehawken. All of these locations offer low-cost accommodations and have some charm and activities of their own.

If you want a weekend with your gal pals that none of you will ever forget, read on for what you should do, wear, and pack for your trip.

Go to a Broadway show.

One of the first things tourists like to do in the Big Apple is to see a Broadway show. Seeing a Broadway musical or play one of the best ways to kick off your trip. You and your girls will be laughing about and singing the songs from the musicals you see the whole weekend long. The theater is a great way to open yourself up to new experiences that you’d never be a part of in your everyday life.


Go shopping and go for drinks like you’re Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda.

You and your besties can trounce around New York City all weekend long and live it up like your favorite “Sex and the City” girls do. Go out for one night of fancy drinks after shopping the day away in SoHo and on 5th Avenue. Make sure you pack a killer outfit that would rival Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic styles. Whether you’re from the city or not, you can still make a weekend out of living like you are.

See the sites by bike.

You may not realize this, but the New Jersey suburbs of New York are rife with bike-share systems. There are bike share stations in numerous different suburbs, which means you can pick up a bike at the bike sharing stations in West New York, NJ, and bike up to North Bergen, NJ, visiting the sites on the way. If you ever want to make a pit stop for lunch or to rest, you can dock your bike and pick up a new bike at the same or a different bike rack. Make sure you pack some comfy shoes for the rides and a coat in case the breeze along the Hudson River makes you feel chilly.

Make sure you pack comfortable, versatile clothes.

When you take a trip to a city, the days are structured a bit differently than if you are in a hotel on a beach or a cabin in the woods. You may not always have time to run back to the hotel to change between activities. That means you should pack transitional pieces that are easily layered, like a womens poncho, which is both tasteful and stylish while also easy to slip over a dress if you’re seeing a play later that day.

A poncho is the perfect piece to pack with you because it also has breezy sleeves that allow your skin to breathe if the temperatures suddenly rise. If you feel like ponchos aren’t quite your style, you can try knit wraps for around your shoulders, a tie waist sweater, or a cardigan. All these layers provide style and warmth.

Schedule in some relaxation time.

Sometimes trips like these can be exhausting. Make sure you and your girls are on the same page about relaxing one afternoon or agreeing to do one night in the hotel with room service. You will all be in better moods to enjoy the rest of the trip after you’ve had time to rest.

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