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How To Build Your Dream Home

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In the U.S. around 50,000 people build their own homes each year. That’s 50,000 people who have shunned settling for someone else’s idea of a home, and who have gone for the home that they want to live in. 

If you’ve ever thought about building your own home, you may have been put off for financial reasons, or you may have imagined that you’d have to do the work yourself. 

With the right financial planning and with a good team behind you, your self-built home could be the castle that you always dreamt of. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can build your own home. 

The Right Plot 

If you want to build your own home, you’re going to need somewhere to build it. 

Finding the right plot should be your first step to creating your dream home. Be sure that when you find a plot, that you check to make sure there are no restrictions in place that prevent you from building on there. 

Mortgages and Budgeting 

When it comes to getting a mortgage, many lenders will shun borrowers who want to build a home. This could put a spanner in the works. There are, however, specialist mortgages available to self-building borrowers. 

Speak with a mortgage advisor and they’ll put you onto the right mortgage product to suit your needs. 

Once you know how much you can borrow, you can set up a budget. It is important that you are strict with your budget, but also that you allow for things to go wrong. If you keep 10% of your mortgage un-accounted for, you will find that as the build goes on, that you’ll need the money. 

Hiring an Architect 

You’ll need an architect if you’re going to build a home, and, once you have the plot and the money, you can then start the process of finding someone to draw up the plans. 

Find an architect who has designed homes that you love the look of. Think about how well they communicate too. Your architect will need to make sure that they understand your idea, and are able to let you know what is possible and not. 

Applying For Planning Permission 

Once you have the plans in place, it will be time to apply for planning permission. This is a long, slow process and you should be aware that you may get rejected. 

Hiring Your Contractors 

Once you know what you are building and have had it greenlit, it will be time to hire the team that will carry out the work. 

You’ll need contractors. This will include everything from buildings to electricians.

Buying Your Materials

With the advice of your architect and builder, you will need to buy materials. This might include timber, bricks, and steel frames from ArmstrongSteel.com.

Building Your Home   

Once you have the materials, your builders can set to work starting with the groundwork and ending with the all-important final snagging processes.

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