How To Kickstart The Differences You Want To See In The World

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The world is in a mess and there’s nothing you can do about it, right? Wrong!

While it’s easy to suppose that you’re powerless to make a difference in the world, there are, in fact, quite a lot of things you can do to make the world a better place. 

Of course, you’re not Superman or Wonder Woman, and you’re not (we are assuming) the President of the United States, but you’re not powerless. If you can see the problems that are inherent in society, and if you get riled up every time you hear about them on the news, do something to kickstart the differences you want to see in the world. 

Here are some suggestions that we hope you find useful.

#1: Use your vote

You have a vote, so use it! No matter where in the world you are, you will have the opportunity to have your say in who and who doesn’t get into power. Of course, the person you vote for might not get elected, but at least you will have tried if you voted for them. 

Although there are other things you can do to get the people you like into power, as you can canvas for them, share their policies with your friends, family members, and work colleagues. And you can campaign for them on your blog and social media channels! 

So, commit to research. Learn about political candidates such as Cynthia Telles who are already making positive strides in the world to support the needs of others, and when the time comes, vote for them. You might even want to stand for election yourself if you think you have what it takes to get into politics!

#2: Teach your children well

Children are the future! It’s a well-worn phrase, we know, but it’s true. If you have kids, teach them well. 

If you can teach your children to follow planet-saving habits, it might be that the world in which we live has a better chance of survival. 

If you can teach your children to be tolerant of others, you will have done your bit to further the chances of peace in the world. 

And if you can teach your children that they have the potential to make a difference in other people’s lives, they could become the next politician, advocate for change, or charity worker that makes a real difference in the lives of the people in the world we live in. 

So, think about these things when you are spending time with your children. Find ways to teach them good values. And when they behave in ways which are less than moral, talk to them about what they have done and how their behavior can affect others, and show them a better way to live. 

#3: Be a good example

If you’re an advocate for world peace, don’t gossip about others in the staff room at work.

 If you’re concerned about the effects of global warming on our planet, don’t throw your plastic bottles in the waste bin. 

If you want people to be kinder to one another, don’t shout at your kids for little or no reason. 

Your example matters and people will be watching to see if you practice what you preach. If you can be a good example to the people at work, to your family at home, and to the strangers you sit next to on the bus, they might sit up and take notice of what you are doing. They might be inspired to follow in your footsteps. And when you talk to them about the injustices in the world and the responsibilities they should be shouldering, they might be in a better position to listen to what you have to say. 

#4: Stand up for others

If you see something on the news that makes you angry, don’t let it eat you up inside. Blog about it, and link people to the websites and petitions where their support could make a difference. 

If you see somebody being mistreated at work or on the street, support the person if it is safe for you to do so. If you stand up for others, others might stand with you in your defense of them. 

And there are other things you can do to stand up for others. You might fundraise for a charity, for example, and you could stand up at public forums and voice your opinion on the injustices that are happening within your community. There is much you could do, and if you can inspire others to follow your example, there is the potential for changes to be made in the world around you. 

#5: Show kindness to others

Have you seen the movie Pay It Forward? The lesson in it is simple: If you can show kindness to others, you can encourage them to show kindness to the people they meet. And so it goes, as each person pays forward kindness to one another. It’s a simple concept with a lot of potential, as kindness has a chance to spread! 

So, leave thank you notes for the people at work. Smile at people when you’re out and about. Offer to help another when you see that they are struggling. And leave kind comments when you’re reading people’s blogs and social media posts. 

There are all kinds of ways to show kindness, and they don’t always take a lot of effort. By doing so, you might improve the day of lots of people, with all kinds of positive consequences that could affect the world in a variety of ways. 


So, don’t assume you have nothing to offer. Don’t let the problems in the world become insurmountable. One person can make a difference and today, that person could be you. 

Take a stand then and protect the needs of others. Use your vote and let others know who is worth voting for. Offer a hand of kindness to the people around you. And be that good example that will inspire others to carry on the differences that you are making as you make your way through the world.

Take care, and thanks for reading!

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