How to Ship Your Car Long Distance

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Several scenarios may require that you have your vehicle shipped to another location through an auto transportation company. New opportunities for higher education, promotions at work, and new position offers may demand relocation. 

In preparation for a cross-country move, you’ll put your house on the market, consult with a realtor, and pack your belongings after you accept an offer. Packing up your car and relocating it to your new destination won’t be as easy as packing up your closet. 

There are several steps and shipping factors you’ll need to put into consideration before you’re able to hire the services of a competent auto transportation company. This is especially true when you have a second car. Even if you only own one car, the stress of coordinating shipping for your singular vehicle may be more than you can muster.

Auto-shipping services such as Guardian Auto Transport come in handy whether you’re relocating to a new region or you’re buying a car from another state and hoping to avoid a cross-country drive that can add unnecessary mileage and wear and tear to your brand-new vehicle. No matter the situation, you can depend on an auto shipping service to handle the logistics of transporting your car to your new home. 

Get quotes from reputable auto transport companies

The first thing you’ll want to do is scout out the most affordable and most reliable auto transport company. Prices may vary from one company to another. However, once you understand that your car isn’t just any other small investment, you’ll be more willing to consider an auto transportation company with moderate prices but raving reviews. 

Finding a company that offers high-quality services for a low cost can be difficult to find, as many companies tend to compromise on performance quality in the interest of reducing the prices of their services. Oftentimes, you can obtain instant price quotes through the companies’ websites.

A quote will state the estimated cost of transporting your car across the country to your destination. To draft a quote for a potential customer, a shipping provider will generally request your basic information such as your identity details, your car’s condition, its pickup availability, and where you want it shipped. Once the shipping provider has documented the details of your car (model, make, weight, etc.) and your specific shipping needs, the quote will be emailed directly to you.

Make arrangements to have your car picked up

After selecting a competent and trustworthy auto transportation company, you’ll have to arrange where your car will be picked up. The pickup location may vary depending on the company’s availability. If you’re buying a car online from overseas or another state, then the pickup point will be at the manufacturer’s showroom. 

If you’re are a classic car enthusiast buying a vintage model, it wouldn’t be a good idea to drive it back home and expose your new investment to the elements or potential hazards. Therefore, the pickup point can be your driveway or the classic model’s current residence. 

After communicating where your car will be picked from, the auto transporter will send a vetted driver to the location. Before loading the vehicle, the driver will conduct a full inspection of the car. Through a 22-point inspection, the driver will be able to determine the car’s initial condition so that he/she delivers it in the same condition. The condition of the wheels, body dents, the functioning of service lights, and windshield wipers will be recorded on a bill of lading. The driver will then load your car and proceed with transportation.

Transporting your vehicle to the new destination

You have the option to ship your car in an enclosed or open trailer. It’s usually cheaper to transport the vehicle in an open trailer, but there are several downsides to this mode of transportation. 

In an open trailer, your vehicle will be exposed to dangers like theft, weather damage, and road debris. But with enclosed trailers, you’re guaranteed to receive your car in the exact was picked up in. Although, an enclosed truck comes at an additional cost. For high-value antique cars or luxury cars, an enclosed trailer is a better option, as it will grant you priceless peace of mind.

When shipping your car during winter, it’s recommended that you ship your vehicle in an enclosed carrier to protect the car against ice and snow damage. One downside to enclosed carriers is that there are limited in the number of cars they can carry. This may lead to delivery delays, depending on the company you choose. During transit, the vehicle is enclosed, which inhibits the driver from noticing damage immediately.

Delivery of your car

Typical car shipments across the country take about five to eight calendar days from the pickup date. This time window of arrival may be subject to change, depending on the distance your car is traveling. 

You will be notified within a day of when your car is expected to arrive. If you’ve hired the right auto shipping company, a representative should be in contact with you throughout the shipping process.

Another 22-point inspection will be conducted upon arrival to double-check that your car is in the same condition when it was loaded. This will be done by cross-checking with the information on the bill of lading. Once you personally approve of the inspection, you will be required to make the shipment payments. No additional cost should be imposed. You should only pay the agreed quoted cost. 

With auto shipping services that streamline the process of transporting your car to its new permanent home, you’ll want to check out some of the benefits of buying a used car and having it shipped to you. If you’re simply preparing for a move, you can rest assured that auto shipping companies in your area are ready to tackle the challenge of transporting your vehicle, as you oversee the inevitable stressors of major cross-country relocations. With the right research and the right shipping service, shipping your car will be one anxiety-inducing to-do that can be checked off your list with minimal effort. 

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