Is Teeth Whitening Necessary?

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Tooth discoloration can be embarrassing if left untreated. Contrary to popular belief, yellowing or discolored teeth are not necessarily the product of poor dental hygiene. There are many natural causes for tooth discoloration. Teeth whitening has become a growing trend for those who are uncomfortable with tooth discoloration. This is a solution that works for almost all causes of discoloration.

What Is Tooth Discoloration?

Tooth discoloration can happen to one tooth or all teeth. The most common form of tooth discoloration is simply having yellow teeth. While shades may vary, this is a problem that affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. Even with proper dental hygiene, age will usually cause teeth to yellow.

When one tooth is discolored, this can be a result of an underlying condition. A tooth that is rotting may turn gray. This is generally a sign that dental work may need to be administered in addition to or in place of a regular teeth whitening treatment.

3 Causes of Tooth Discoloration

1.) Plaque. Dental plaque is one of the most easily repaired causes of yellow teeth. When a film of bacteria forms on the teeth, a hardened rental plaque can build up. This gives the appearance of yellow teeth, but can be removed. To prevent plaque from occurring in the first place, it is important to brush teeth for a minimum of two minutes twice a day as well as floss daily.

2.) Tobacco. While smoking cigarettes is known to discolor teeth, smokeless tobacco products can also stain teeth. Chewing tobacco may seem like a better alternative, but it actually has terrible effects for both oral hygiene and appearance.

3.) Coffee. Coffee can create difficult to remove stains on teeth. Even one cup of coffee per day can have a profound impact on the color of teeth. Because of the ingredient tannins, coffee can cause color compounds to bind. Once they have stuck to the teeth, a yellow tint is formed. If bacteria that is caused from coffee begins to grow inside the mouth, teeth enamel can erode over time.

Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth whitening treatments exist to get rid of unwanted tooth discoloration. Depending on the type of discoloration, some treatments may be better than others.

Over the counter teeth whitening options that can be purchased in chain drug stores can work wonders for some. Many toothpastes include teeth whitening ingredients to that teeth can become brighter while they are simultaneously cleaned. Although these teeth whitening pastes can produce results, the ingredient can wear away the enamel of teeth. Depending on the person, many buffing agents found in whitening toothpaste can be too abrasive.

Whitening gum is another option that can be obtained by a local grocery or drug store. While whitening gum can create brighter teeth, it does usually impact the top of the teeth rather than the sides. Because of the way gum is chewed, most of the whitening ingredients will form in the area of the tooth that most people do not see. Most whitening gum does have a fresh scent which can combat bad breath. As for creating a brighter smile, the gum must be able to reach the front of teeth to truly whiten the area.

Whitening kits have become increasingly popular for an at-home way to whiten teeth. While these can prove effective, many people experience extreme sensitivity to the ingredients. Teeth whitening kits can irritate the gums and mouth. All teeth whitening kits are not the same. Many use varying ingredients that can feel harsher than whitening toothpastes. The brighter shades available may do more damage to the teeth depending on the manufacturer. Regardless of the make or brand, teeth that have undergone dental work may end up with an uneven color distribution..

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening that is performed by a professional is usually the best way to treat discolored teeth. A trained professional can remove external stains, run digital X-rays and tailor treatment for the individual person depending on their medical history.

Telling a dentist if you experience tooth sensitivity can be done before the actual whitening appointment. The whitening treatment is not generally found to be painful, but some patients do experience mild discomfort for approximately a day after the treatment.

For an even color, professional whitening is often preferred over teeth strips or gum. The results are instantaneous and noticeable. Professional teeth whitening can brighten teeth 8 shades lighter.

Is Teeth Whitening Essential?

Teeth are often the first part of someone’s appearance that is noticed first. To make a good impression, a healthy smile is ideal. For those who are experiencing discoloration of the teeth, smiling may feel uncomfortable. Teeth whitening is an easy solution for this problem.

Teeth whitening in Manhattan provides a large selection of available whitening options. To understand if you’re a good candidate for this type of treatment, setting up a consultation is advised.

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