Online Hookup Dos and Don’ts

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When you are looking for a quick hookup, you may not have the time or the desire to surf through Tinder or other online dating platforms. You want to quickly get online, set up a meeting place with someone in your area, and get to it. Free Fuck Book is an app that allows you to do just that. You can search for potential hookup partners in your area, and then arrange a time and place to meet for a sex date. To download the app, go to

While the free fuckbook app allows you to narrow your search by a variety of factors, once the initial introduction is established, you take on the interactions from there. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when pursuing online hookups to ensure that your encounters are fun, satisfying, and safe.

DO be honest

The Free Fuck Book app is designed to match you with someone that fits exactly what you are looking for when it comes to their appearance, style, and interests. For the software to create accurate matches, everyone needs to be honest about themselves and what they are looking for in a hookup.

DO be careful

Unless you establish an ongoing hookup relationship with someone online, you are going to meet a stranger. You need to operate with a degree of caution. If the person you want to meet provides conflicting information, pushes to come to your house, or seems “off” when you arrive at the agreed meeting location, it is better to leave or refuse to meet than risk getting into a dangerous situation.

DO communicate clearly

It is best to be very clear before meeting about what you are desiring or willing to participate in. Avoid using innuendos or slang that may be confusing. It is clear to everyone using the Free Fuck Book app that everyone intends to get a hookup, but a hookup can mean different things to different people. Hence, it is essential to be clear about what kind of physical contact and action you want before agreeing to meet. Likewise, it is vital to hear from your potential hookup what they are expecting when you meet.

DON’T go without protection

Being prepared for safe sex is everyone’s responsibility, so regardless of your gender or who you’re meeting, bring protection. There can never be too much protection when it comes to hookups. You should always air on the side of caution, even if the person you are meeting assures you that pregnancy or disease is not possible.

DON’T give personal contact information

Not providing your personal information is an essential part of being careful and staying safe. You meet people through the app for the same reason. You don’t want to provide strangers with your personal contact information or your address when they could use it to take advantage of you, hurt you, or steal from you. For example, even if you are meeting at a neutral location, if you have provided your address, that person will know what day and time you won’t be at your house, leaving you vulnerable to a robbery.

DON’T expect more than what is agreed on

This advice is twofold. First, do not expect more physical action than agreed to before the meeting. Second, don’t expect anything to continue past this hookup. The underlying foundation of a hookup is that there are no complex emotions, relationships, or expectations to deal with before or afterward. If you go into the encounter thinking you might end up with an exciting partner who enjoys sex as much as you do, you will more than likely be disappointed.

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