Preparing Yourself To Self-Isolate

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Although things surrounding Covid-19 seem to get a little better, it’s still important for us to be aware and prepared for if we needed to self-isolate. Whether it’s because you know you are going to travel, or it happens unexpectedly as you wake up with symptoms, it will pay off to be a little organized. 

Below are a few of the simple ways you can make sure you are prepared for the need to self-isolate: 

Have A Plan For Supplies 

Yes, you do need to make sure you have supplies, but this in no way means that you need to start panic buying. Have a plan in place with family and friends so you will be able to access resources without breaking quarantine conditions. There’s no need to have piles of toilet roll stored away, however, a few packs would be ideal. Instead make sure you have enough supplies of things like soap, toothpaste, detergent, and disinfectant. You should also think about stocking the food pantry wisely. Don’t go crazy and stock it full of items you aren’t likely to eat instead concentrate on your staple items like pasta, rice, and oats to form the basis of many meals. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have a few things in your freezers such as frozen beg, fruit, means, and a few favorites like tai pei frozen food

Organize Your Prescriptions 

If you take regular medication, it’s a good idea to make sure that you are organized in this department. If you notice you or someone in your family is getting low on something they need to take each day, make sure you refill it sooner rather than later. If you are already in isolation, a family member or friend should be able to collect it for you. 

Online Payments 

Been in isolation means that you are going to need to use online payments more than ever. It can take time to add a new payee on things such as your online banking or on Paypal so if you’re going to be relying on others to collect items for you it’s best for you to get this sorted just in case you do need to isolate. That way if you need to send money to someone collecting your supplies you can do it easily and quickly. 


Because of lockdown many of us have been led to binge-watching and trying to find new ways to yourself entertained. However, when you’re self-isolating you may feel the effects of not being able to leave the house more as you can’t even go out for supplies. Try to make sure you have some entertainment ready and waiting, even if it’s a new book, some coloring, or a few favorite programs on hold just in case. 

These are just four of the things that you should be thinking about in order to prepare yourself for self-isolation, there are others. Have you had to self-isolate or have to start to prepare for it? What have you done to make sure you are well prepared? 


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