Thinking About Getting Breast Implants? Here’s What You Need to Know:

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Have you considered getting breast implants? Take a look at this helpful guide to better determine if breast augmentation can benefit your life.

Did you know that more than 300,000 breast implant surgeries were performed in 2018 in the US? This is an increase of nearly 5% from 2017 and it shows the growing interest of women to improve the appearance of their breasts.

If you too are considering getting breast implants, there are a few things you need to know. A breast augmentation procedure is an elective surgery that carries some risks and you need to follow your doctor’s instructions for a successful recovery. Keep reading to learn more about breast implant surgery.

There Are 2 Major Types of Breast Implants to Choose From

These are saline implants and silicone gel implants. Saline implants consist of a saline solution placed in a silicone shell. This solution is sterile and if the implant leaks, it will be absorbed and discarded by the body without causing health problems.

Silicone gel implants are also common. They consist of a silicone shell that’s filled with soft silicone gel. If the implant leaks, the silicone gel will remain in the implant pocket and not cause health problems. However, more doctor visits are required for patients who opt for silicone gel implants.

Most Insurance Companies Might Not Cover Breast Implant Surgery

Since this is a type of elective surgery to improve aesthetics, chances are that your insurance company might not cover its costs. With that being said, the average price for breast augmentation surgery is about $4,000. It can be paid in full or in several monthly payments. Patients who opt for breast surgery to correct certain defects might receive minor compensation from insurance companies, but these cases are rare.

You Will Eventually Need Pain Medication After the Surgery

Most women recover quite quickly after breast implant surgery. The doctor might administer pain medication to reduce the discomfort usually associated with this type of procedure. In most cases, women recover very well and they might be able to get back to work after just one week of rest. You will discuss this issue with your doctor and see if you are approved to get back to work or you need to rest more.

Full Breast Sensation Will Come Back in a Few Days or Weeks

Some women ask if they are going to lose breast and nipple sensitivity as a result of having a breast implant. This might happen in the beginning, but full sensation and feeling should come back after just a few days or weeks. In some cases, it’s also possible to breastfeed after getting saline or silicone implants, but this is a thing only your personal doctor can tell you, depending on your recovery.

You Shouldn’t Do Serious Physical Activity for up to 6 Weeks

This will give your body sufficient time to accommodate the implants. You are not allowed to carry a lot of weight, fight in competitions, or go to the gym. You might be able to do mild physical activity, but only at your doctor’s recommendation.

Now You Know More About Breast Implants and How to Live with Them

As you can see, getting breast implants is not a complicated procedure. If you think it will help your image and self-esteem then you should totally do it. However, remember that post-operative care is essential to recover completely and enjoy your new body enhancement.

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