This Is How to Make Perfume Last Longer

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It is beneficial to understand how to make perfume last longer. You can check out some of our best tips by clicking right here.

The fragrance industry is worth $48 billion. And it’s no wonder why — everyone wants to smell amazing.

But there’s one main problem with wearing perfume — that amazing scent tends to wear off easily. While even the strongest Parfums has a cap, sometimes your fragrance seems to disappear immediately after you spray it.

Do you know how to make perfume last longer? If not, you’ll want to read these tips so even your cheapest body spray will last all day!

Don’t Rub Your Wrists

How often do you spray perfume on your wrists and then rub or tap your wrists together? If you’re guilty of this, stop this habit.

Rubbing your wrists causes friction, dulling the fragrance — specifically, the top notes, which give every perfume its most individualistic quality.

In addition, rubbing your wrists also mixes the fragrance with your natural scent, which drastically alters the perfume.

What if your perfume isn’t a spray or a rollerball — rather, it’s just the liquid? Dab it onto the skin lightly, try to not rub it in.

Moisturize First

Do you apply perfume before slathering yourself with lotion? You should do the opposite!

Perfume locks into the lotion, resulting in long-lasting fragrance. Keep in mind, you should only use unscented lotion to prevent the different fragrances from mixing.

Spray Perfume Right After Your Shower

If you don’t wear body lotion, you should at least spray your perfume right after your shower. The scent will stick to your skin while it’s warm and damp. This ensures the fragrance will have incredible staying power.

Put Vaseline on Your Pulse Points

Another alternative is applying Vaseline onto your pulse points before spraying perfume. The fragrance locks onto the balm so the perfume lasts longer.

Apply to Your Pulse Points

The secret to knowing how to make perfume last is by spraying your fragrance on your pulse points. These include:

  • Neck
  • Wrists
  • Back of knee
  • Inner elbow

Why should you apply perfume to these areas? Pulse points are warmer than other parts of the body. Heat activates the various notes to make perfume last longer. This not only makes the scent not only last longer but the fragrance will also be stronger.

Spray on Bare Skin

In order to get the best and longest-lasting scent, the scent notes have to come in contact with your pheromones. This can only be achieved when you spray perfume on your bare skin.

Use Matching Products

Popular perfumes are available in a variety pack that may include lotion, body washes, and even smaller perfume sizes. The simplest way to know how to make perfume last all day is by using all of these products at the same time.

This not only makes your fragrance last longer but no other scents will mix with the perfume.

Spray the Fragrance in Your Hair 

Spritzing some fragrance in your hair will help your perfume last longer. That’s because you likely move and shake your hair throughout the day; your hair will act as a diffuser for scent.

However, there’s an age-long debate about spraying perfume directly in your hair.

The argument is the alcohol content in perfume will dry out your hair. Many people have reported not experiencing dry hair after spraying some perfume, which is likely because most perfumes on the market are water-based.

If you’re wondering how to use perfume on your hair without causing potential damage, only spray an Eau de Toilette perfume in your hair.

As an alternative, you can spray perfume on a hairbrush and brush your hair. They also make specialty hair perfumes that contain no alcohol.

Combine Your Favorite Perfume With Unscented Lotion

Do you have only a few drops of perfume left? What if your perfume bottle stopped spraying? Don’t let it go to waste! Mix those drops in with an unscented lotion. This way, you can slather that fragrance all over your body for several more months.

Spray Your Perfume on Cotton Balls

What if the inevitable happens — you spray perfume and it fades by lunchtime?

Before you leave, spray perfume on cotton balls and store them in a baggy. The cotton balls should stay moist all day, so you can reapply the fragrance easily.

Store Your Perfume in a Cool, Dark Place

Did you know humidity and fluctuating temperatures can break down perfume? This is why you should always store perfume in the darkest part of the room. For best results, keep your perfume in a drawer instead of displayed on your vanity.

Line Your Drawers With Scented Tissues

Scent can also linger on clothing. To truly make your favorite scent last, spritz a tissue with your perfume and lay the tissue in your clothes drawers.

The scent will absorb into the fabric so you will always smell like your favorite perfume.

Don’t Shake Your Perfume Bottle

Shaking your perfume bottle lets air in, decreasing its scent. What if you’re using a natural perfume that separates or you’re using a perfume with glitter? Only give these products a slight shake to evenly distribute the scent and glitter.

Keep the Perfume in the Original Bottle

Some people used to store perfume in different bottles, even ones that were fancier. While this practice isn’t as common anymore, it’s still important to note that perfume should be left in its original packaging.

The process of pouring the fragrance in another bottle lets more air in, not only decreasing the fragrance power but it could also potentially alter the scent.

This is another reason why many perfumes, such as Thierry Mugler Alien, come in really cool bottles. You wouldn’t want to take the perfume out of the bottle anyway!

How to Make Perfume Last Longer: Smell Amazing All Day!

From keeping perfume in the original bottle to not rubbing your wrists, there are many hacks to make your favorite scent last all day.

Now that you know how to make perfume last longer, it’s time to spritz your fragrance and smell amazing all day long.

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