Top Gifts For The Traveler In your Life

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We all know someone who loves to travel.  Every time you look, their Instagram is full of jealousy-inducing travel shots.  They’re probably very frustrated at being grounded at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but you know that as soon as it’s safe, their wanderlust will propel them across the world again.  

So what do you buy the wanderer in your life? From the practical to beautiful,  we’ve scoured the internet and rounded up a few useful gifts that they’re sure to take with them on their next adventure. 

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

Perfect for the beach or a hotel room.  A great quality, Bluetooth speaker with a good battery like the oontz angle 3 which will not take up too much space in their luggage and is splashproof too so there’s no need to worry if you get a bit carried away by the pool.  

Packing Cubes

Good packing is an art form.  It can be expensive too if you go over your luggage allowance. A set of packing cubes will let people arrange their luggage like a pro, with everything separated into its own compartment.  They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs to complement any style.  You’ll be buying them for yourself too. 

Neck Pillow

Unless you’re traveling first class, then getting comfortable on a plane can be difficult. If you’re trying to get some sleep, you’ll want to wake up refreshed and without a stiff neck. An inflatable neck pillow takes up virtually no room and you can be sound asleep in no time.  Deflate it at the end of your journey and pack it back in your luggage. 

Leather Travel Journal

People love to capture the every detail of their vacations.  Taking photos is a great way to do this but there’s also the lost art of creating a travel journal.  The gift of a beautiful leather-bound journal lets them record their memories of their journeys forever. Choose a color and design you know they’ll love. 

RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

Contactless payments make life and traveling so much easier, but they do have their disadvantages and can potentially be compromised.   An RFID blocking travel wallet will protect the credit cards inside from being skimmed and the details used fraudulently.  Also, all new passports issued since 2006 now contain an RFID chip that holds your information. 

A beautiful organizer will give them enough room to safely organize cash, cards, tickets, and passports. 

World Travel Scratch Print

A beautiful map of the world overlaid in a gold foil.  Travelers scratch off the foil to reveal the country underneath, keeping a record of the places they’ve visited and giving them ideas about where to go for their next adventure. 

Smartphone Zoom Lens Kit

Photos are a great way to capture the memories of vacations.  Big DSLR cameras are expensive and take up a lot of precious luggage space. The zoom lens kit turns an ordinary smartphone into a powerful camera with 15x zoom lens. 

Silk Eye Mask

Traveling at all hours of the day make it difficult to get some shut-eye.  A silk eye mask is a perfect and stylish way to block out light.  Choosing silk is also great for the skin as it won’t irritate of pull at the delicate eye area. 

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

A good pair of headphones let you listen to your own music in perfect quality while blocking out unwanted noise while traveling.  Some models even allow you to activate your phone assistant to manage tasks on your phone and queue up your favorite music. 


For travelers going off the beaten track, clean water might not be guaranteed.  No canteen? No problem. A LifeStraw is a compact smart straw, capable of filtering 1,000 liters of contaminated water to drinking quality.  

Worldwide Travel Adapter

Even traveling light there are phones, cameras, tablets, and many other things you need to plug in when you’re on vacation.  Choose an adaptor that converts to all major country’s electrical sockets.  That way, no matter where they go, they’ll only need to remember to take one electrical adapter with them. 

Carry On Case

Choose the perfect size carry on case that is light, strong, and easy to transport.  Wheels that move 360 degrees makes it easier to maneuver through crowded airports and streets. Why not pick and interesting color to make it easier to spot on the luggage conveyor.  



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