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Types of watch straps

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A watch is not just a part of dressing accessories; it reflects the person’s character. The watch he is wearing will speak a lot about him. If you talk to a personality development mentor, he will always keep the clock in the top ten items. Wearing a watch itself boosts up your confidence, you feel you have a grip over your activities and life, that is why your father will often suggest you wear a watch while going for something important.

But there are so many types of watch strap materials available in the market that you may get confused, which is best for you. Luminox watches come with comfortable and quality straps, along with being attractive. Many factors affect your choice of a clock, but the essential thing which attracts you is the watch strap. Out of parts of the watch dial and strap, a belt defines its suitability for different age groups, professions, and occasion.

Leather strap

A leather strap watch is best for those who prefer to wear formal attire. Popular among big business players and corporates, it is also a choice of professionals. It is because the leather strap gives an exact and decent look to your personality. Three different types of leathers are available faux leather, genuine leather, which is better than faux but is more costly and durable it can last for years. Finally, full-grain leather is the natural leather and therefore has high cost and quality, and its durability is unquestionable.

Wooden straps high

Earlier, only the dials were of wood, but in recent years the wooden straps have also become popular. It is a choice of many because of its unique design and quality. But be careful about it as it does not suit everyone. It would help if you tried a wooden strap once before buying any other material so you may not regret it later.

Stainless steel

The most useful and popular one is a steel strap. It is a durable material and can even handle water and rust. It gives you an official look; you might have seen your father or uncle wearing it. It shows that it has been in fashion for a long time and will always be. Steel straps will never be out of style because of their quality and durability. Just one drawback is, they are heavy and therefore cause some difficulty in wearing for long hours.

Nylon bands

These are not so popular but are a great material when it comes to durability. Although these aren’t very attractive, they are light-weight, water-resistant, easy to clean. If you have seen any sportsperson, they use nylon straps because it absorbs sweat and is more breathable than any other material.

Silicone band

It does not have much durability but has a color option. You must check the elasticity of the silicone band before purchasing, and if you find it enjoyable, you can go for it. Silicone bands are comfortable on the wrist as it is elastic and adjusts according to the person who wears it.


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