What Happens If A Police Car Causes an Accident?

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Being in a car accident is never something to look forward to. It affects your life, your property, and your health, and many times makes it difficult for you to resume your work or even your life as you knew it. As you can imagine, if the accident involves a police car, things won’t be any easier.

Why can a police officer cause an accident?

There’s no reason to be skeptical over the possibility of a police officer being involved in a car accident, after all, they make mistakes just like anybody else. They may be engaging in behavior such as:

  • Driving distractedly
  • Speeding
  • Not respecting the signs of the road
  • Looking at their computer

 If the officer is at fault for the accident, they may face a citation or suspension for causing the crash. This doesn’t mean they will not try to work hard to escape liability. When you least expect it, you may find that they are blaming you for what happened in order to safeguard their job.

How should you react after a crash caused by a police car?

Don’t feel intimidated by the shape and color of the car, the painted signs on it, or by the fact that it has a siren on the roof. Treat this accident as you would any other. How? By dialing 911 and getting another officer to show up at the scene and file a report. Also, after checking yourself and the other driver for any apparent injuries (request an ambulance if that is the case), start gathering information. Make a note of the officer’s name, and the car’s license plate. Take plenty of pictures of both vehicles to document the damage and the scene.

File Your Claim As With Any Other Accident

Don’t delay in filing your claim after the accident. You do have the possibility of filing a personal injury claim against a police officer that caused an accident due to their negligent actions. Having a seasoned, professional attorney by your side will help you move things along and pursue compensation.

Can You Sue A Police Officer? How Does This Work?

In this case, you would be suing a public employee, and there are laws that govern the liability of State and other political subdivisions. The Department of Highways is generally immune from civil lawsuits, and even if you are suing a political subdivision or public agency that can be sued, your claim will most likely be limited to a modest insurance coverage limit.

Despite these limitations, you may file a claim to attempt to recover damages you have suffered such as medical bills, damage to your property, loss of income because you have been unable to go back to work, pain and suffering, and others.

How can your personal injury lawyer help?

Police officers and state troopers in the line of duty are responsible for many accidents and injuries to people around them. Some of these are unintended consequences of these officers doing their jobs while others are caused by their negligent behavior.

Because cases that directly involve police vehicles are so complex, it is important that you work with a knowledgeable, aggressive personal injury attorney. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service. They can help you when filing a personal injury claim in order to incorporate all the elements needed to present a strong case.




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