4 Ideas that Came From ‘Aha Moments’

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The phrase ‘aha moment’ has become a common word in our daily lives. Inspiration takes many forms and can appear to us at any time. The course of the world has been changed drastically because of inspired ideas or ‘aha moments’. Products and business that have become vital parts of our daily lives owe their existence to aha moments.

Aha moments, as described in the article linked, were coined by Oprah to mean ‘A moment of sudden inspiration, insight, recognition or comprehension’. Of course, these moments happen to everyone, but those who followed through these moments have seen tremendous success and acclaim. So, let’s take a look at four great ideas that came from ‘aha moments’.

  1. GoPro

GoPro cameras have changed the way we tell and show stories. Even Hollywood blockbusters now use these small, durable cameras to achieve in-action shots. Outside of films, the world of extreme sports has made the use of these cameras ubiquitous. The ‘aha moment’ that spawned GoPro came to Nick Woodman who wished to be able to film himself while surfing.This simple need and desire have led to Nick becoming a Billionaire.  

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb has changed the whole travel industry in just a few short years. It makes sense that it would be so effective and popular, letting someone else pay you to use a spare room or apartment for a few days is mutually beneficial. In recent years, Airbnb now hosts more than just spare rooms as it includes listings from official hotels and inns. The ‘aha moment’ came to Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia when they decided to offer air beds to people traveling to a convention where all the hotels were fully booked. 

  1. Flatpack Furniture

Ikea is the number one name in the furniture world and what allowed it to reach the top spot was the invention and use of flatpack furniture. This invention allowed for an increase in accessibility while decreasing the cost of furniture. This ‘aha moment’ came to Gillis Lundgren, a designer who is responsible for more than just flatpack furniture when he was trying to fit a table into his small car and decided to take the legs off and reassemble once delivered. This inspiration was born out of frustration and showed you could find inspiration anywhere.  

  1. The Telegraph

The Telegraph was born from an ‘aha moment’ that itself was born from tragedy. Between 1825 and 1835, Samuel Morse lost his father, mother and his wife. Morse was working on a commission when he got word his wife was sick, and she had died before he returned home. A faster form of communication would have allowed him to say goodbye to his wife. When he met another inventor, and he had the chance to create a quicker way to send messages, he made sure to make the most of it. 

What about you? Have you had an ‘aha moment? If you do and you wish to make a dream reality you need to make sure you know how to stay goal-oriented.

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