5 First Date Tips for Men

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If you’ve recently met someone new, and you’re about to go out together for the first time, check out these 5 first date tips for men!

There are few things that cause more excitement and anxiety than a first date. Ok, maybe that’s not cool to admit, but it’s still true nonetheless. 

The times and rules seem to shift constantly. As a man, you never really know if you are coming across as confident or conceited, as sensitive or needy, or as aloof instead of just being casual. 

Before heading out, check out these 5 first date tips for men. 

  1. First Date Fashion Tips

You don’t have to look like you are auditioning for the cover of a magazine, but you should still put some thought and effort into your appearance. 

Let’s face it, many women put a lot of focus on this one aspect of the date. So it will pay off for you to as well.

Get a haircut. Shave or trim up the beard. Depending on your destination, dress casual but with a little personal style. No wrinkles. And leave the expletive shocking T-shirt in the closet. 

  1. Where to Go on a First Date

Gone are the days when a first date was limited to dinner and a movie. The possibilities are endless, so get creative. 

The objective of the first date is to begin to gauge compatibility. Pick a place or activity that best represents who you are. If you like the outdoors, the two of you can take a walk/hike. This would definitely be at a public place not far from home. 

If you like to play, challenge her to a round of putt-putt or shoot a game of pool. Maybe you are more into the artistic scene and want to attend a concert, museum, or play. There are even cooking and painting classes. 

Of course, when talking and sharing common interests are the goal, there is still nothing wrong with a quiet restaurant, a great meal, and meaningful conversation. 

  1. First Date Conversation Tips

Remember that a conversation is a two-way street. While it is natural that you want to impress her with your wit and accomplishments, do not dominate the conversation with only talking about you. 

Ask her questions. Try not to get too extremely personal, but find out about her best childhood memory, favorite vacation, long term dream. You will find out many clues about her personality, characteristics, and integrity based on her answers. 

  1. Be a Gentleman

Being a gentleman is never out of style. Give her a sincere compliment. Open the doors. Ask her opinion. Avoid being too touchy or overly sexual. 

While there are definitely certain aspects of the dating world that are more open and casual these days, you will never go wrong with taking the cool and polished approach. 

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  1. First Date Tips for Men — Who Pays

Going on a first date in today’s world may bring up the subject of who pays. If it hasn’t been discussed, then be prepared and proceed with paying. However, if she wants to split the bill, don’t create a scene or argue. 

Some women enjoy the freedom of being able to contribute and pay their way. It’s not a control thing or even a dig at you. You can repeat your willingness to pay, but if it is important to them, just go with it. 

Just Relax and Enjoy Your Date

The most important of the first date tips for men is to just relax and have fun. This woman has agreed to spend time with you, so just be yourself and let her see the real you. 

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