5 Tips for Hosting Virtual Parties for Beginners

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If your friends are sick or on the other side of the state, the digital world can still help you all have fun. Here are tips for hosting virtual parties.

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean an end to your social life! Virtual parties are the new way to stay connected and have fun with friends and family. In today’s climate, virtual hangouts and celebrations, from cocktail hours to baby showers, are the norm.

What do virtual parties look like? Where do you get started?

Keep reading to take a look at 5 tips for hosting virtual parties for beginners.

Top Tips for Virtual Parties

Planning virtual parties can be a great way to keep in contact with loved ones while you are apart, whether it be due to health concerns or distance. Let’s take a look at some tips to make sure everyone has a good time.

  1. Plan Together

Having everyone share ideas and input from the beginning will ensure that everyone is on the same page for expectations for the event. 

  1. Options for Platforms

With the abundance of options for platforms, deciding which one to use can be half of the battle. A few choices are:

  1. FaceTime: The easy choice if all party members are Apple users
  2. Zoom: This platform is user-friendly and accommodating to large groups
  3. Google Hangouts: A nice option as most people have a Google account
  4. Facebook Messenger: Easy to use for smaller virtual parties

Make sure all of the attendees have downloaded and tried out the platform before the big event. You really can’t go wrong with many of the options for platforms out there!

  1. Technical Tips 

A few technical tips to keep in mind for virtual parties:

  1. Mute your microphone when not speaking
  2. Wear headphones if you need to drown out background noise
  3. Keep lighting and your background in mind when deciding where to sit

Making a couple of easy changes can keep your virtual party running smoothly.

  1. Party Games

What’s a party without the games?! Even in the virtual world, your group will have many options.


Everyone loves a good game of Bingo! Check out Bingo Sites from Bingo Scanner for the best sites and deals.

Costume Party

Have a costume party. This can be planned as a theme, or everyone can choose a random costume to share.

Movie Night

Binge-watching is more fun when you’re doing it with your best friends. Plan your binge session, grab some snacks, and have fun!

Game Night

Your regularly scheduled game night can continue on with virtual parties. Charades or card games like Uno! or Cards Against Humanity can all be played virtually.

Wine Tasting

For the adult parties, bring on the wine tasting! Guests can pick up a few different sampler bottles and everyone can decide on the favorite choice of the evening.

  1. Enjoy Your Time

Don’t worry if there are a few bumps in the road like a temporary lag in connection or a couple of technical difficulties. Try to focus on fun conversations with loved ones and enjoying a temporary break from the outside world.

Put It in Action

Now that you have our top 5 tips for virtual parties, it’s time to plan! Text your friends, send out that virtual invite, and get ready for your virtual hang out.

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