6 Tips For Keeping Yourself Occupied During Lockdown

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Yes everyone, the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing. Some heavily optimistic opinions had suggested it was going to end sometime in April, but sadly, it looks like the world has a long road to recovery ahead. While some countries are tentatively easing restrictions and opening up again, others are seeing a resurgence of virus cases and shutting back down again. Being on lockdown or something close to it may be on the agenda of many people around the world for some time. These ideas for keeping your mind stimulated during prolonged periods spent at home will help you survive the boredom of it all.


  • Build a routine


You’ve heard the saying about idle hands. So, you’ll have to agree that it’s never a good idea to allow yourself to just exist on a daily basis. Plan out a daily routine that you can easily follow to keep your mind from wandering into a pit of negativity. Being restricted in terms of leaving the house means that your normal routine has been disrupted, and your mind and body need somewhere to channel that extra energy. In addition to working from home(if applicable), fill your days with activities you enjoy, incorporate some workouts into your day, set alarms to wake you up in the mornings and have your meals around the same time each day. This will help you keep any negative thoughts at bay and help you from feeling directionless.


  • Take an online course


Several people have seen their businesses suffer, have had to be furloughed, or have entirely lost their jobs during this pandemic. The economic impact has already been devastating, and it is still not over yet. If you find yourself among those whose livelihoods have been threatened, now is the time to boost your competitiveness in the job industry. Show potential employers that even in the face of adversity, you are capable of being industrious and efficient with your time. There are several free courses online being offered by top universities such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Oxford. Take advantage of these limited offers and improve your CV and professional accounts, such as LinkedIn.


  • Learn to play a musical instrument


Music is an instant source of therapy. So, you can listen to your favorite artists and genres to lift your spirits and go a step further by learning to play an instrument yourself. Reputable music schools such as the LVL Music Academy are offering online classes that you can use to unlock the Beethoven in you. Playing a musical instrument can help reduce stress, improve your memory, and develop your time-management skills.


  • Start a new hobby


Ease your frustrations by getting lost in a productive hobby. Try your hands at gardening, journaling, reading, or photography. For some reason, baking banana bread was all the rage at some point during the pandemic. Unleash the baker or cook in you and learn to make dishes that you’ve never tried before. You might surprise yourself and find a hidden talent that you can then cultivate and capitalize on as an alternative source of income. 


  • Do a home makeover


This doesn’t need to be an elaborate venture involving contractors, designers, and a sack of cement. Find little things around the house that you can reorganize, such as your pantry, your wardrobe, and your bedrooms. Remember all those family photos stuffed in random drawers all over the house? Why not do a project out of building scrapbooks and organizing photo albums out of them? Get busy around the house and start working on things that you’ve been sweeping under the rug for years. By the time the pandemic is over, you’ll be pleased to have a more livable space to call home.


  • Get in touch with your artistic side

Another quick form of therapy is Fine Art. Decide what medium you want to explore with – paints, charcoal, sculpting wax, or molding clay. Your options are endless. YouTube is an excellent source of tutorial videos if you are a beginner. Immerse yourself in the world of art to help you express your feelings and create something beautiful out of them.

The lockdowns imposed by governments all over the world are meant to help curb the spread of the virus and keep you safe. Try to avoid thinking of it as a prison sentence and try to make the best out of this particularly bitter pill. You will emerge from it a better person by keeping yourself engaged in productive activities and maintaining a positive mindset.



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