7 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Animal Lovers in Your Life

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We all have at least one animal aficionado in our lives. Read our article and discover seven gifts for animal lovers that will definitely be a success!

From cat lovers to dog fanatics, from miniature goat admirers to tortoise aficionados. 

67% of U.S households own a pet, did you know that?

This means that we all have a friend that is absolutely animal besotted, from what they wear to how their homes are decorated. 

Whether it be for Christmas or a birthday, we’re always on the search for perfect gifts for animal lovers. Keep reading to discover seven surprising gifts that are bound to be a success!

  1. A Keepsake Gift 

You know how all parents have those baby handprint and footprint molds hanging up throughout their homes? 

Well, why should it be any different for a pet parent?

The kits usually come with enough clay for a large keepsake or two smaller ones, and stencils too, so their pet’s name can be included. 

Consider purchasing them a pawprint keepsake gift that allows any animal lover to create a long-lasting memory of their beloved pet. 

Not only that, but they’re sure to have fun while spending time with their beloved pet. 

  1. A Personalized Welcome Mat

When you arrive at different friends’ homes, you’re usually welcomed with a plain welcome mat or a humorous one if they prefer. 

Why not consider a personalized welcome mat for your animal lover friend?

You can order mats of different varieties that say:

  • Wipe your paws
  • Dogs (because people suck) 
  • Woof Woof 

Any person who owns a dog or cat is bound to love a personalized welcome mat that is aimed at their furry friend!

  1. A Personalized Calendar 

One of the greatest gifts for animal lovers would be one that shows off their own baby in the most perfect way possible. 

Your animal lover friend probably floods their social media with images of their pet on the daily. 

You could spend a few minutes downloading some of their best photos and placing an order for a personalized wall or desk calendar filled with images of Rover for Kitty for each month. 

With this gift, they’ll be reminded throughout the year of your thoughtfulness and get to admire their pet in print as well as in person! 

  1. Spice Up Their Bedroom 

Take a trip down to your local bedding store, or alternatively shop around online to find the perfect bedspread and duvet set to suit them. 

If they own cats, then look for one that has a cat print on the material, if it’s a dog they own, look for one that has dogs. 

Or, you could even order one that has a twist to the ‘her side, his side’ joke and outlines where the pets sleep and where the owner sleeps. 

If you’re not keen on changing their entire bedroom, consider a personalized, printed pillow with an image of their pet on it. It will be sure to make a great throw edition to their bed! 

  1. Humorous Shirts 

When it comes to funny shirts, there are plenty of options for animal lovers and pet owners. 

You can find shirts online that say:

  • I’m only talking to my dog today 
  • The dog is my co-pilot
  • Can I pet your dog?
  • Dogs are my favorite people 
  • I’d love to, but my cat said no

If you want to get really creative, you can search for a shirt that covers their occupation as well as their pet. For example, if your friend is a sales manager, you could look at having a shirt made that says, “Speak to my assistant sales manager,” and include their pet’s name. 

Adding onto the humorous shirt idea, you could look into a doggie or cat outfit that just fits your animal lover friend perfectly. Some of the best options we’ve seen include:

  • I’m wearing nothing under this shirt 
  • I still live with my mom 
  • Rub my belly for good luck  

You could personalize the dog or cat outfit as well to say, “I belong to…” 

This is a great way to show you’ve put a lot of thought into their gift. 

  1. Say It With Jewelry 

Finding animal-themed gifts is an easy task, but finding one that will really touch your friend’s heart takes a bit of extra thought. 

If you’re looking for something really different, then you could look into a floating charm to add to their wrist bracelet. 

There are so many options to choose from whether it be for cats, dogs, or even a tortoise. Why not also consider Chinchillas as your first pet, they are so cute and easy to take good care of.

Never fear though if they don’t have a charm bracelet, your thoughtful charm might be just the inspiration they need to buy one. And they’ll enjoy adding to their collection as time goes on. 

  1. Reading Material 

Guaranteed that if your friend is an animal lover, they’ll enjoy spending many quiet hours at home with their fur baby. 

Do some research into books that are directly related to the type of pet they own. For example, if your friend owns a pug, you could purchase them a book that details the caring for pugs, or a book about the history of pugs. 

If you shop around, you could find a book that not only has interesting content for them but could also double as a coffee table book that they will love to put on display for their guests. 

Gifts For Animal Lovers 

Searching high and low for perfect gifts for animal lovers can be a lengthy task, particularly if you want to find something that fits your friend perfectly. 

Remember, though; it’s always a nice touch to take into consideration their personality as well as what type of pet they have. Sometimes, a thoughtful gift goes a longer way than something expensive, so you’re on the right track with these gifts for animal lovers!

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