7 Great Reasons to Cycle to Work

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If you live in cycling-distance of your office, why are you still driving? Everyone knows that cars pollute the environment, create congestion in the streets, and are the leading cause of major road accidents. Cycling is a better option in so many different ways. If you are uncertain about whether you should commute to work on two wheels, here are seven reasons to help you make up your mind.

It’s cheaper

How much are you spending on fuel each year to get to work? If you added up your bills over the past 365 days, you would probably be appalled. Bikes, on the other hand, cost nothing to run. You can buy a perfectly good model for under $100, and it only requires minimal maintenance. By spending a year cycling to work, you could save a small fortune.

It’s better for you

Both physically and mentally, cycling is fantastic for your health. Not only can you fit in an effective cardio workout before and after work, but your mental health will also benefit. Cycling has proven stress-reducing effects and can make you happier, better-rested, and more productive in the office.

It’s better for the environment

We all know cars are one of the biggest sources of pollution, and there are more drivers on the road each day. The planet is heading towards an environmental disaster, so you can at least do your bit by reducing your emissions. Cycling is one of the greenest modes of transport, so you can start your workday feeling a little less guilty.

You can beat the traffic

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in gridlocked traffic as the clock slowly creeps towards 9 AM. With a bicycle, you can easily avoid the bumper-to-bumper line of cars and get to work on time. Choose scenic cycle paths instead of busy roads, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable ride too. 

No parking issues

Unless your workplace has designated parking spots, it’s always impossible to find a place to leave your car in a busy city. You always end having to park miles away or pay an extortionate amount for a full day of parking. Luckily, a bike doesn’t present this problem as you can lock it up anywhere you like.

It’s safer (sort of)

Although cyclists have more accidents than drivers, evidence suggests that more bicycles on the road are linked to fewer accidents. If more people switched from cars to bikes, then collisions would decrease. This is not only because there’s less traffic on the roads but because the increase in cyclists will lead car users to adopt safer driving habits. If you do happen to get in an accident while cycling, you may wish to speak to an attorney that represents bicycle injury cases.

It’s a lot more fun

There’s a reason kids love riding around on their bikes so much: because it’s fun! Cruising along the streets on a bike allows you to explore your environment with complete freedom, immersed in your surroundings with the wind in your hair. If you get bored with your usual route, take a more scenic option. The great thing about bikes is you’re not restricted to roads. You can explore any park, cycle path, or alleyway you wish.


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