9 Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Motorbike Fast

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Selling your motorbike can be a daunting task when you have no experience. You may wonder what you can do to get a buyer who will give you a fair value. It may also look like it is impossible to get cash quickly for the motorbike. Here are nine tips and tricks for selling your motorcycle fast.

Tips and tricks for selling your motorbike fast

  1. Take good photos
  2. Have a creative and informative advert
  3. Know your motorbike
  4. Know the value of the motorbike
  5. Be selective on who can take test rides
  6. Be open to alternative forms of payments
  7. Learn how to discern real potential buyers
  8. Explore different online marketplaces
  9. Have the proper paperwork ready
  10. Take Good Photos

The motorcycle’s pictures will communicate many things to potential buyers about its condition and owner. Poor quality images and a dirty motorcycle may put off people who may have an interest in it. It is necessary to clean and polish the bike before taking the photos. You need a bright background of the pictures to capture the attention of the viewers.

  1. Have a Creative and Informative Advert

The post “motorbike available for sale” is not sufficient to arouse interest. It would help if you talked up the bike, show it special features in the advert. The plan is to make potential buyers desire to know more and contact you.

  1. Know your Motorcycle

You will lose potential buyers when you struggle to provide details about the motorbike. Prepare with information on the motorbike’s unique features like the year, make and model when listing it for sale. Answering the questions from potential buyers with ease will persuade them to purchase the motorbike.

  1. Know the Value of the Motorbike

When selling your motorcycle, you need to learn the right way to price it. The plan is to find the online tools to help you know the various items that impact the value of a motorcycle. Here are some of the things to help approximate the price:

  • Mileage• Condition• Make and model• Modifications
  1. Be Selective on Who Can Take Test Rides

You cannot trust just anyone to test ride when selling your motorbike. Some potential buyers may not have the required skills and may damage the motorcycle, whereas others may have malicious intent of stealing it. You must ask for a driver’s license and a deposit from interested buyers. By doing this, you will narrow down your list of potential buyers to only the serious ones.

  1. Be Open to Alternative Forms of Payments

Not all buyers are willing and able to pay the entire full cash price for the motorbike. Some may ask for an arrangement where they can pay in installment. If only such a buyer has an interest in purchasing the bike, you should be open to this arrangement. The critical thing is to have a valid agreement that shows when you will be getting the partial payments for the motorcycle.

However, if you feel that you can get a cash price from another buyer, you should be patient. The reason is that cash simplifies the motorbike sale and eliminate any future payment issues.

  1. Learn How to Discern Real Potential Buyers

Some people will only waste your time with questions and have zero interest in buying the motorcycle. Engaging too much with such people will only delay the sale. Knowing the signs of serious buyers will help overcome this challenge. Here are some of the things that show a person may not be interested in purchasing your motorbike.

Delays- Any genuine buyer will ensure timely completion of various sales activities such as inspections and test rides. If the person you are dealing with keeps postponing these things, you should consider the possibility of playing with you. It may, therefore, be time to move on and look for other genuine buyers.

Non-committal –Maybe you have agreed on the price, but the buyer is unwilling to make a deposit. The person may also refuse to give you a valid reason for not committing. If you face this challenge, you need to weigh the possibility you are dealing with a joker.

Unreasonable requests- Some people may admire your motorbike but lack the money to purchase it. Although such people show interest, they are unable to pay for it. The common trait of these people is asking too much from you.

  1. Explore Different Online Marketplaces

You need to find an online platform that many people use when looking for motorbikes on sale. These are platforms like Facebook, eBay, and CleanHarleys. The plan is to see how each of these platforms works to decide the best one to use. Some of the features to check are:

  • Ease of listing the motorcycle for sale• The fees you will pay to use the platform.• Payment policies to ensure you get the money from the motorcycle sale• The reputation of the website by reading reviews from other sellers
  1. Have the Proper Paperwork Ready

To conclude the motorbike sale, you need to ensure you have the right documents. You need to correctly fill the V5 logbook to show the transfer of ownership. The other thing you need is a receipt and a copy that provide accurate details on the sale. The receipt should show the date, names of both the buyer and seller and agreed payment terms.

Selling your motorbike fast is easy when you learn the tips and tricks to guide you. You need to know everything about your motorcycle and have the paperwork ready. With test rides, you should look for a place that you know well. The person looking to take the ride should present you with his or her driver’s license. The other thing is to determine the ideal down payment that shows that the person is a serious buyer. The critical thing is to find an online marketplace where you will get the best price for the motorcycle.


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