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Accessorizing: Picking the Best Jewelry for A Strapless Wedding

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Are you trying to figure out how to accessorize your wedding dress? Read this article to learn about picking the best jewelry for strapless wedding dress.

Phew! The tough part is already over – choosing the perfect wedding dress.

Now that you’ve selected your gorgeous strapless wedding dress, it is time to think about accessories! Since your neck and decolletage are exposed, you will want some glamorous and elegant pieces to elevate your look even further. 

Since this day will go down in history, you want to make sure it looks picture perfect! That’s why we are going to show you our best tips for picking jewelry for strapless wedding dresses. 

Match the Color of Your Dress

The shade of your dress is the most important factor when it comes to selecting your wedding accessories. 

If you have a pure white dress, go for silver jewelry to highlight the brightness of your gown! If you have ivory in your dress, softer golds will bring out the warm tones of your ensemble. 

If your dress already has beading or adornment of any kind, let that set the mood for your wedding accessories. 

Coordinate With Your Wedding Ring

One obvious step is to coordinate your jewelry with your wedding ring!

Whether you are wearing your standard wedding ring or a fake wedding ring for the day, you will want your other accessories to match. 

If you want to keep your wedding ring safe for the big occasion, or you are looking for a ring that is a bit flashier for your photos, check out Luxuria Diamonds! They have beautiful rings made of cubic zirconia that fit the bill for any occasion. 

Choosing a Necklace

The best place to start when it comes to jewelry is by selecting your necklace. For a strapless wedding dress, simplicity is the best statement. Some recommendations we have are:

  • A Choker Necklace 

An elegant choker necklace is going to draw people’s eyes up to your face! It will add just a small touch to totally transform your look. 

  • A Pendant or Locket

A pendant or locket will bring just a dash of sparkle to your wedding ensemble. If you are looking for just a hint of color, try picking out a pendant with your birthstone!

Choosing Your Earrings and Bracelet

The final step is to lock in your bracelet and earrings. Your bracelet can be a bit flashier and should bring out the beauty of your wedding ring. Likewise, your earrings can make a splash if you have a strapless wedding dress. Choose chandelier earrings to frame your face and make a statement! If you are looking for a simpler look, try aiming for a pair of diamond studs or pearl droplet earrings.

If you can, try to get a matching earring, necklace, and bracelet set for a totally cohesive look. You don’t want your jewelry to take away from your stunning smile or breathtaking dress, it should accentuate them!

Jewelry for Strapless Wedding Dresses

Now you have all the steps you need to choose jewelry for strapless wedding dresses. 

Focus on coordinating your jewelry with the tones of your dress, and start with the necklace and build up. If you follow this guide, you are sure to choose elegant accessories that add a touch of sparkle to your special day! Enjoy what you’re reading? Make sure to check out our other blogs for more great ideas


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