Affordable and Notable Bridal Shower Gifts

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It is alarming to check a gift registry to find out that most of the gifts were already assigned. Of course, as a good friend, you would hate to buy her bed sheets or any present that her Aunt Mary will give her. 

Now, you are cruising on uncharted waters as you pick a gift out of the registry. While it is the thought that counts, you still want to give her the best present even when you’re on a budget. Here, we will be exploring simple and affordable gift ideas for the bride-to-be

Cook Book

We hate a patriarchal society that imposes that women must cook for their husbands. However, let’s be real– cooking is a survival skill. Sarah Copeland wrote “The Newlywed Cookbook.” Several readers and critics praise the book as it makes use of prose and experiences to inspire newlyweds to translate love into food. 

For about twenty dollars, this is a good deal that will surely help your friend to spice things up, pun intended. 

Golden Chopsticks

Who would have thought that chopsticks will be a great gift? Well, here’s the reveal. These chopsticks aren’t your ordinary disposable chopsticks. It is a set of gold-tone titanium chopsticks that will surely bring a different twist to sushi night! 

Not only will you be giving a unique present, but you’ll also help the environment by reducing wastes. 


A locket may symbolize the strong bond between you and the bride-to-be. It is also a piece of classic jewelry that has stood the test of time due to its elegant design and sentimental use.

Evermee, a locket company, has revolutionized the locket by making a pendant that shows your chosen photo in your Evermee app once your smartphone comes in contact with your locket. With different designs and materials, from 925 Sterling Silver to 18k Gold Vermeil, shopping in Evermee will prove to be a great choice as you truly get your money’s worth. 

His and Hers Mug

Since your friend is a bride-to-be, it will be a great idea to give her a gift that also considers her future husband.

We’re not talking about the generic his and hers coffee mug, but a kissing coffee mug that makes a beautiful display when unused and a cute couple cup during the morning. 

When their future kids ask their parents whom the cups were from, they’ll know they’re from their cool aunt.  

Bath Salts

There’s nothing more relaxing than a full bath while you drown your worries away. 

Giving your friend bath salts for her bridal shower will afford her a relaxing escape during the stressful months leading to the wedding. Your friend can also use a bath salt for an aromatic and therapeutic bath for her and her future husband after the much-awaited wedding. 

The price will never be the basis for a present’s value. You may be on a budget, but that won’t stop you from giving a gift that she will completely love. Whatever you end up buying, remember that what matters most is your support in this new chapter. 

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