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Back to Basics: 10 Timeless Wardrobe Staples Every Man Should Own

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Even though trends are always changing, fashion pretty much stays the same. Here are 10 classic men’s wardrobe staples you need to own.

Have you ever wanted to become a fashion icon for men?

While fashion changes the trends on the regular with women’s clothing and such, it’s the opposite for men. Men’s fashion remains static throughout the ages. There are only slight alterations to their general look to fit the era they’re in.

Despite having different styles throughout the years, there are consistent elements present in the classic men’s wardrobe. Read on to know the basics and incorporate these timeless fashion elements into your wardrobe.

  1. Simple White Shirt

A simple, round neck white shirt has been a staple in men’s fashion for the longest time. This is because they’re among the most versatile clothing pieces you can find. The shirt’s simple design allows any man to wear it regardless of what style they’re going for.

These shirts also come cheap by the pack. You’re free of risk when you invest in them and it gives you great returns. You can pick one up while you’re in a rush, and you’ll always look good no matter what else you’re wearing.

  1. Two-Piece Suit

Two-piece suits are also versatile in their own right. What differentiates them from white shirts is that they get their versatility from their color. You can wear a two-piece suit on any occasion from a celebration to a night out with the boys and still make it work depending on the color you chose.

Dark suits are great for looking your best during a casual occasion while lighter ones are for formal events. If you want a suit to match any occasion, though, go for a navy-blue suit.

This color looks amazing on any skin tone and also looks best in any event. Invest in one to keep your wardrobe compact but versatile.

  1. Straight-Cut Pants

Many styles incorporate the skinny jeans that became popular in the early 2000s. They have a certain appeal, but they don’t look good on any man who has some muscle on their legs. Skinny jeans end up looking like leggings for men who have toned legs.

This makes straight-cut pants the better choice for these individuals. What’s great is that these jeans are also versatile like the plain white shirt. With the right top, any outfit you wear will look excellent.

  1. Trench Coats

These are the best clothing articles you can wear when summer ends and the cold breeze of winter starts rolling in. Trench coats find themselves among the staples in men’s wardrobe because of their loose style.

Open or closed, these coats help the wearer have a striking appearance. This is because they improve whatever the user is wearing underneath. Colors become sharper since trench coats often have a duller color compared to suits and clothes underneath.

  1. Belts

No look would be complete without a belt to accent your outfit. Investing in one is the best and cheapest way to take your wardrobe to the next level. This is because belts fulfill the role of being functional and aesthetic at once.

A dark belt will make your suit look sharper if you pick the right accenting color. Choose a mens leather belt with simple buckles, too. The point of a belt is to complete the look, not to steal the attention of anyone looking at your outfit.

The material of your belt also matters in accenting what you’re wearing. Any material goes with casual clothes since you only need to accent your clothes. If you’re wearing a formal suit, though, a leather belt is mandatory.

  1. Oxford Shoes

Every man needs a pair of Oxford shoes. These help you look serious for any important meeting or event you must attend. What makes these shoes amazing is how great they look with any suit.

You can appear even more powerful in your power suit by wearing black Oxfords. You can also appear classy for date night with a navy-blue suit. Wearing brown Oxford shoes with this suit makes you appear sharper for your date.

  1. A Dark Cashmere Sweater

Want a hybrid of casual and formal? Cashmere sweaters are the way to go!

Cashmere sweaters fulfill the casual and semi-formal requirements of basic men’s wardrobe. A light, solid color is the best choice for any casual event you’re going to. It keeps the mood light and also helps you become more approachable.

Dark solid colors are the more versatile choice, though. They can fit any occasion and help you give off an air of calmness about you.

The best reason to get yourself a cashmere sweater is to have something to wear all-year-round. These keep you warm in fall and winter. They’re also cool enough to wear as spring and summer wear.

  1. Blue Denim Jeans

There are a few timeless classics like blue denim jeans. Men have been wearing them since they proved to be more durable than any other material before. This will not change as time passes, too.

This is because of their cheap price tag and durability, making them a great investment. They look amazing in any outfit, too.

Their durability also turns them into great everyday jeans. You can use them for any dirty work and they will withstand any stain remover you throw at them. Denim jeans also keep their color through any modern-day bleach you use.

  1. Solid-Color Button Up Shirts

No wardrobe is complete without at least 3 white and colored button-up shirts. These pieces help you complete your wardrobe for the week. Even if you keep wearing the same 6 shirts, no one would call you out since they will look amazing on you.

You can go for the classic tucked-in look to look more professional. This makes them a great choice for any last-minute dinner invitations. No-tuck shirts are great for looking casual in any other occasion.

  1. Watches

To complete your wardrobe, finish your outfit with a stylish watch. These accessories bring out the best of your outfit. This will depend on the watch’s compatibility with what you’re wearing.

Formal suits and jackets call for a simple dress watch and strap. If you’re dressing down, switch out the leather strap for a mesh one, instead. You can even complete your swimming outfit with a waterproof diver’s watch.

Include These Men’s Wardrobe Classics in Yours Today

These classic men’s wardrobe staples take your outfit to the next level. Shop around and get these timeless essentials today!

Want to look your best on any occasion? Check out more guides to help you know what’s best to wear in any event. Complete your wardrobe with the best outfits today!

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