Famous People Who Stutter

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If You Suffer From Stuttering, You Are Certainly In Good Company

If you stutter as an adult, it is easy to feel like you are completely alone in your affliction. If this describes your situation, you should take comfort in knowing that millions of people struggle with this same issue, including several very famous and successful people. Here is a brief list of famous stutterers. This list is by no means comprehensive, as there are so many famous stutterers out there!

James Earl Jones

Most people are shocked to find out that James Earl Jones – a giant of the stage and screen – has struggled with stuttering his entire life. This is especially shocking given that Jones is known for his deep, resonant voice–on display in such iconic roles as Darth Vader in Star Wars and Mufasa in The Lion King. According to The Stuttering Foundation, Jones had a severe case of stuttering as a child and was “nearly mute” for the first eight years of his life. He improved his stuttering by reciting poetry in high schools. Despite his improvements – and massive success – Jones still struggles with stuttering as an adult: in interviews, he has stated that while he cannot stop stuttering completely, he has learned to manage the condition. Jones’ case should give hope to anyone who wants to pursue a career in theater or film, despite having a stuttering problem. 

Tiger Woods

According to Business Insider, golf legend Tiger Woods had a severe stuttering problem as a child. Woods even spent a couple of years taking classes so that he could stop stuttering. These classes helped Woods learn to control and deal with his stuttering problem. Obviously, this problem has not affected Woods’ performance on the golf course, nor has it stopped him from achieving his goals in life. Woods’ case (along with all the other cases mentioned here) should serve as a rebuke to anyone who says stutterers are less capable than others.

Carly Simon

There are also several famous musicians who struggle with stuttering, including famed singer/songwriter Carly Simon. For Simon: stuttering has been a lifelong struggle: according to an article in The Houston Press, Simon cannot read a passage aloud without stammering, to this day. Of course, when she sings it is a different story. This proves that stutterers can have successful singing careers. In fact, the “King of Rock ‘n Roll” himself, Elvis Presley, famously struggled with stuttering.

Famous Stutters Throughout History

If you look at prominent stutterers throughout history, the list gets much larger and includes the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Darwin. One famous case that has gained attention recently is that of King George VI, the king of England during the Second World War. King George VI made several inspiring radio speeches during the war, despite his severe stuttering affliction. George VI’s case has gained attention thanks to the Oscar-winning film The King’s Speech which focuses on the extensive speech therapy provided by Lionel Logue so that King George could stop stuttering. This therapy allowed him to deliver a galvanizing speech against all odds. 


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