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How To Avoid Abusing Your Power As A Business Owner

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Take a look at our society and notice a pattern when big controversies break in the news. 99% of the time, these stories involve people of power. A lot of the time, these people own businesses or make a lot of money and have powerful friends. It’s so common for people in these positions to abuse their power as they look to get ahead in life. As a business owner yourself, you can’t afford to get sucked into this way of life. It’s easy to say you’ll never be like that, but the truth is you have no idea what you will do until you’ve done it. Power makes you do crazy things, so it’s vital that you stay grounded and never abuse the position you’ve worked hard to earn. 

With that in mind, here are some thoughts on how you avoid abusing your power as a business owner:

Always be honest

A common misuse of power stems from lying to consumers and customers. People trust those in power – you’re seen as an authority figure. Therefore, if you say something, they tend to believe it. Lots of business owners and powerful people have been linked to scams or dishonesty that’s cost consumers a lot of money. Recently, there was a piece where the Debt to Success System calls out Rothschild’s $ scam, which is a massive story if proven to be true. There are lots of other examples of scams that have concrete evidence and those in power are shown to be behind them. To avoid anything like this, never lie to your customers. Make it a core part of your brand image that you are honest and upfront about everything. 

Build a support network of people who criticize you

This idea sounds bizarre, but constructive criticism is the best way to avoid falling into the power trap. People go mad with power when everyone around them acts like a yes man and eggs on every decision. Realistically, you need people who can stand up to you and tell you when you’re wrong. It’s your job to employ people to do this, and also to listen when they tell you to stop. 

Learn how to empathize

It’s no coincidence that many of the world’s most powerful people have a severe lack of empathy. Look at Jeff Bezos as the ideal example. He’s the richest man in the world, but once responded to claims of poor working conditions in his Amazon warehouses by saying the workers would be crazy to stay if the conditions were really that bad. The response shows no empathy for the working class person who may have no other job prospects and desperately needs this job to support their family. Don’t be like Jeff – learn how to empathize. This makes you a better leader and helps you understand your employees a lot better. It will also make you think twice about how you use your power. 

You don’t understand the pull of power until it’s within your grasp. Realistically, everyone has the capacity to be a good or bad person when they are in a position of power. Avoid abusing your position as a business owner by following the advice above. 


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