How To Dress For a Themed Party With Style

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For some people, themed parties are life. They enjoy nothing more than spending hours, days, weeks, or even months preparing for a night where they can embrace a character or outfit from another time. Halloween or Gatsby-themed New Year parties provide the perfect opportunity to get creative and experiment with style. 

For many others, preparing for a themed party can be hell. Whether the theme doesn’t suit them, they don’t have the right clothes, or they just don’t enjoy dressing up, the thoughts of costume shopping and finding the right outfit can be daunting. However, nobody wants to be that one person who shows up to the themed party without an outfit. Inevitably, we all succumb to the dress code. 

One of the main issues people have with dressing for a themed party is that it can be difficult to follow the theme while maintaining a stylish look. This can create a negative association with themes, taking away any enjoyment from the party. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can add a stylish touch to any outfit, no matter the theme.

Here are five excellent tips to help you dress for a themed party with style.

One item can complete the look

Rather than stressing out over finding a full costume, choose one item that can relate to the theme. This gives you creative control over what you’re wearing and allows you to remain comfortable while adhering to the theme. 

If the theme is related to movies, TVs, or a particular era, consider specific clothing items that are associated with them. For example, you could don a pair of red shoes that represent Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

Accessories are key

Let your accessories do the talking and keep your core outfit stylish. By using a hat, gloves, a bag, jewelry, or other accessories as the themed part of your outfit, you can maintain stylish flair with your clothing. 

A mask or prop can also work well as an accessory for themed parties. 

Buy something you’ll wear again

A major turn-off for themed parties is that you might have to rent or buy a costume that you’ll never wear again. There are only so many occasions that you can dress up as Wonder Woman!

If you are strategic with your outfit planning, you can buy something that you’ll wear again and still show up in theme. The key here is to think outside the box. Rather than buying a straw skirt for a beach party, consider a nautical themed handbag.

The secret is in your eyes

Eye make-up, accessories, and jewelry are very indicative of themes, eras, and characters. As your main contact point with other partygoers, focus on adapting your eyes to the theme.

Wear signature shades, Sharingan contacts, or apply eye makeup that fully embraces the vibe of the party.

Get help from friends

If you’re going to the party with friends, get some help or ideas from them. Groupthink generally trumps one person’s ideas. Alternatively, you can pool clothes together to create new and unique looks. If a friend is a similar body type to you, consider asking them if you could borrow an outfit for the night. 


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