How to Make Sex More Interesting: 9 Fun Ways to Spice Things Up

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Is your sex life beginning to feel routine and boring? Don’t worry. Here are 9 tips on how to make sex more interesting for you and your partner.

Do you feel like sex is boring? Is it getting to a point where sex feels repetitive and routine?

It’s time to learn how to make sex more interesting!

Don’t fret, it doesn’t require something as extravagant as having an affair or group sex. A few simple changes can boost your sex life significantly. To help you out, we’ve listed 9 of the best ways here showcasing how to make sex feel better for her and him alike:

  1. Communicate

Learn to communicate with your partner. Sex is normal so don’t feel afraid or ashamed to talk about it. It’s important to learn what turns them on and to let them know what turns you on too. 

Discuss what you don’t like about your sessions. Talk about which areas to improve and eliminate any areas of confusion. 

Continue to communicate during sex. No, you don’t have to talk dirty. However, moaning start using your hands to guide each other.

  1. Try Fantasies

Believe it or not, a lot of people engage in BDSM. Don’t feel shy or ashamed to discuss it with your partner. They might want it too!

If they’re not, that’s okay. Take the time to discuss what turns each other on. You may want to experiment with those fantasies!

Don’t worry if you didn’t like the experience. The important thing is you gave it a try. Discuss the details with your partner and try to learn more to guarantee you both feel satisfied.

If you’ll get into BDSM or other hardcore fetishes, always establish a few simple rules. Know the limits, have a few safe words, and don’t forget about aftercare. This guarantees safety and that both participants have fun. 

  1. Play With Sex Toys

Toys might seem like something too kinky but they’re quite normal for a couple to use and spice up sex. 

For newcomers, it might be a safer choice to start with the staples: vibrators, dildos, fleshlights, and cock sleeves. If you want to explore more experimental toys, look for vibrators that require phone apps, BDSM whips, and clamps. 

You can check here to find different types of sex toys

Not yet sure if you want to invest in a toy? Why not play with ice? You can also get some salt and liquor and do body shots to add some fun to the bedroom!

  1. New Positions

Sometimes, all it takes is a different approach to sex. 

Move away from the missionary position and get in with something new. Everyone’s heard of the common alternatives but don’t stop with sex while standing, doggy style, or a reverse cowgirl position.

Yes, you may need to watch porn or check pictures online to get new ideas. That’s fine! It can be a fun and engaging activity and the new positions might open up new avenues for you to enjoy. 

  1. Naughty Interactions

Sex doesn’t begin and end in the bedroom. 

You can get sparks flying even when you’re not together. Learn to sext with each other or tease each other throughout the day. Even something as simple as a seductive whisper, a tap on the butt, or a tight hug can keep the heat up.

Why is all this important?

It gets you and your partner excited. It builds good tension. When you finally have sex, you’ll be in the mood for it!

  1. Take Time Off Sex

Speaking of building good tension, one effective method is to take time off sex. 

Yes, that can seem counterintuitive but it works! The time away from sex will make you and your partner miss it. Fill in the void with sexting and the other tips above but don’t get down and dirty in the bedroom until a day or two. 

However, make sure you don’t put it off for too long. You might get used to not having sex and before you know it, two days without sex becomes a few weeks and then a few months. 

  1. New Locations

Do you always have sex in the room?

It’s time to switch things up by doing it somewhere else. Sure, having sex outdoors, in the car, at the beach, or somewhere somewhat public can be exciting but you don’t have to go that far. 

You can make sex exciting simply by stepping out of the room. Try having sex in the kitchen, on the living room couch or table, or in the bathroom! 

Don’t forget that the change of scenery, even if it’s as simple as moving out of the bedroom and onto the living room, can seem a bit awkward at first. Don’t ignore the strange feeling and use it as fuel to make sex exciting!

  1. Sex Is More Than Penetration

Ignore what you see in porn.

On average, most people expect sex to last between 10 and 20 minutes, with foreplay already included. Go beyond that and both parties might get impatient or bored. End it too quickly and you’ll feel unsatisfied.

Keep in mind that of those 20 minutes, only a quarter goes to penetration. The rest is often for foreplay. Take your time and learn to explore each other’s bodies; tease each other and try to simulate each other before digging into the main course.

  1. Watch Each Other

Both men and women have fun masturbating, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, people often assume that it’s only for instances when you’re alone. That’s not true!

Make masturbating a part of your sexual activities. Give him or her a show!

Make sure they can’t interfere either. You can mix this with light BDSM fun, such as keeping your partner cuffed to the bed so they can only watch as you play. A simple show like this will get your gears grinding and build the tension to make sex hot and wild!

Now You Know How to Make Sex More Interesting!

Learning how to make sex more interesting requires patience. One or more of these solutions could hold the key to enjoy your intimate time together. However, it will require some experimenting, clear communication, and an open mind. 

Nevertheless, you do need to make sure you practice safe sex. You can order STD test online today, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed!

Of course, sex isn’t the only aspect of a healthy relationship. If you want more relationship tips, we invite you to read more of our content today. Discover all the relationship guides you need, right here!


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