How To Make Sure Your Delivery Service Is The Best It Can Be

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Are you someone who regularly ships parcels? There are plenty of options for courier and packaging service is key for you to be able to provide a good level of customer service. Do you just go for one of the big names? Or maybe the cheapest price? It’s still worth considering some of these factors before you decide: 

The Delivery Speed 

You need to think about the expectation of your customers. A lot of people expect to have the option for next day delivery now. Or at least a timed option so they can choose or be aware of when their parcel is due to arrive. Ir’s even better if you can offer same-day delivery, but this isn’t a viable option for many businesses. Something that could impact this is the way that your goods are packaged. You might want to research and implement things like automated packaging on your production line, to help speed up the delivery process. 

How Reliable Are They? 

This is vital. When it comes to your customers, at the end of the day it’s not the courier’s reputation that is on the line, it’s yours. It’s important for you to find a courier that you know you can rely on, it would be considered an asset for your business. Another good tool is the ability to track orders online for both you and the customer. 


This can be considered an interesting point to consider. Do you go for the cheapest price? I the price advertised the same as your final price? Do you need to pay for hidden extras? You may choose the delivery company with the lowest prices, but if they don’t deliver in a timely manner then you may be better off going for a service that you know will deliver a good service and result in them being better value for money in the long-run. 

Customer Service

If something goes wrong or your customers are chasing details about their delivery, you want to be able to let them know as quickly as possible. This is where it’s important for the courier service that you are using to have a customer service system that you can utilize. You should ideally have someone that you can contact directly to help with any issues. You may also want to try and find a courier service that deals with your customer’s queries themselves without having to go through you. 


Think about the ease of use when you work with a courier. Do their systems integrate with your systems well? Can you book online quickly and easily? These are considered important features that can save time and money every time you use the service. Also, think about whether the courier you are using has the capability to inform your customers when their delivery is expected. This is something customers tend to look out for when they shop online.  

These five areas are all important to consider when making sure you are delivering the best possible delivery service to your customers. Is there anything that you do make sure your customers are happy in this department? Please share them in the comments below. 



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