Just One More: 5 Worrying Signs That You Could Be Dating an Alcoholic

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There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a harmless drink now and again, but when is it too much? Here are some of the top signs you’re dating an alcoholic.

Many of us enjoy the occasional beer or cocktail as part of a balanced lifestyle.

But sometimes, one becomes too many, which can become a serious problem.

Do you suspect someone you love may have a problem with alcohol? 

Sometimes it can be hard to know if someone’s drinking is social— or something worse. Keep reading to learn five signs that someone you’re dating may have an alcohol problem— plus, what you can do to help. 

  1. Personality Changes

Frequently, signs of alcoholism can be both physical and emotional.

If someone you’re dating suffers from extreme mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and denial, in the context of their drinking, this can be a big red flag.

They may also be unwilling to discuss the issue of their drinking or may brush off your concerns as being trivial.

Over time, alcohol becomes physically addictive, with many heavy drinkers displaying withdrawal symptoms if it’s been too long since their last drink.

These can include nausea, sweating, insomnia, shaking, and headaches.

  1. Do They Frequently Cancel Plans— Or Not Show Up At All?

One of the effects of dating an alcoholic is that you become accustomed to being let down.

People addicted to alcohol are unreliable. They may let you down in favor of more opportunities to drink, they may forget they made plans, or may oversleep due to a hangover.

If your partner frequently stands you up, cancels at the last minute, or makes weak excuses, they may be hiding a drinking problem.

  1. Drinking Has Impacted Their Career

Are you dating an alcoholic guy? If your man has been at trouble at work due to his alcohol use, this is a problem.

Alcoholics find it hard to hold down steady work. Showing up each morning is a problem, and their mental and physical state makes it near impossible to be productive and focus at work.

As a result, many drinkers have been fired, given formal warnings, or may find it hard to get even a part-time job.

  1. Drinking Is a Part of Every Social Situation

Not every event needs alcohol, but for a heavy drinker, each social event calls for heavy drinking.

You may find it uncomfortable when your other half drinks to excess at family events, makes a scene when you’re out, or even turns your at-home movie night into a reason to drink.

  1. You’re Sometimes Missing Cash or Valuable Items

Alcoholism is a form of addiction, and addicts need to get their fix. Unfortunately, this sometimes means stealing from someone they love to get cash to buy what they need.

If your partner lives paycheck to paycheck and you occasionally notice money missing from your wallet, they may be stealing from you.

Or, if valuable items, such as jewelry or electronics, have gone missing, they may be pawning your items for quick cash.

Are You Dating an Alcoholic?

Based on the warning signs above, do you think you’re dating an alcoholic?

Although it can be an extremely stressful situation, try to have a frank conversation with them about their concerns. Or, try talking to family and friends about various ways to cope.

There are many resources to help alcoholics and their loved ones, so don’t be afraid to seek help.

Remember, no matter how much you love someone, it’s ok to walk away if they are unwilling to change their behavior.

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